The first blood of SpaRta! (Halodynes vs Reavers 200pts)

In the times of need and mayhem there are situations, that wouldn't normally happen. The Chaos is growing strong in Northern Region and everybody knows, that Beasts are roaming the forests and attacking the cities. Among the brutal BaneBrood armies the Reavers create the scouting units, pillaging villages near borders and sowing death and confusion...

Even the Halodynes know, that Mortan empire have big problems with stopping the destructable force. And if they won't stop it, the force of darkness will become stronger and stronger.
For Halodynes the Mortans are enemies, but sometimes an enemy of your enemy can be your friend...

So the Spartans, the bravest of brave and the best of the best send a small group of Hoplites to check the far borders of their land, close to Mortans empire and close to wild regions.

Spartans are great warriors. We all know this. They exercise their skills, they want to fight, yet - to be honest - after a long time of peace they didn't have the chance to really participate in battle. So they wish to fight, they just need it.
But they lack the experience.


Which Reavers have.


The young Demarchon, clad in a shining, gold armor, wearing the Helm of the Gods and holding the Omegathon Spirit Shield, was the leader of Spartan's small force (on the photos he's the flat base, because the mini couldn't stand on it Wink ). He had the Doration of Swiftness spear and Power Crystal and Waters of Truth potion.
He was accompanied by a Syntarch and 8 Hoplites.

They were patrolling the old ruines not so close to the borders, when they heard a noise.
They felt excitement, eager for battle.

And then it started.

Reaver Tyrant - ThoRmund the DestRoyeR - equipped with his Beast Cleaver, clad in Gut-Plate of Negirrath and holding Witchweed Extract in his bags - was in the front of his unit, with Ravager ThoRstein near him.
10 Tribesman, led by ThoRbjoRn, were going a bit slower.

[Image: IMG_5540.jpg]

Halodynes were getting closer, going for their first battle.

[Image: IMG_5541.jpg]

They held their shields high and marched to their enemies.
Yet the first shock came to them - the Ravager came closer and shot them twice, hitting one of the Hoplites, wounding and then killing him!
The first splatters of blood on the golden shields!

[Image: IMG_5543.jpg]

The Tyrant went closer, but couldn't get in his axes range.
Still he was close to the enemies, challenging them to come... The Syntarch wanted to avenge his fallen comrade, young and hotheaded, and decide to move by the forest and engage ThoRmund - he struck with his Kopis and slightly wounded the Tyrant.
But for the Spartan's surprise, the wild man seemed happy.

And then it turned out, why...

[Image: IMG_5544.jpg]

The Tribesmen charged the Syntarch, who came too close to them. Three savages strucked heavy blows with their axes and decapitated the helpless Syntarch in few minutes.

Then they moved against Hoplites, showing one of the scariest things that can happen to a man - Eaten Alive!
Few Spartans felt to the ground, being wounded and demoralised.

Demarchon saw, that his comrades are loosing not only the battle, but also their hearts. Literally.

He took his potion, used his artifact and charged the Tribesmen, killing few of them.

[Image: IMG_5546.jpg]

Then he charged again, slaying over the half of Reavers unit and forcing them to flee.

But after a charge of ThoRmund only 1 Hoplite was left alive, the 3 others couldn't stand a chance against his mighty Beast Cleaver blows.
The lone Hoplite lost his head for a moment and started to flee, yet quickly regain his senses.

... is ...

The Hoplite and Demarchon stood firmly, showing that even against such horror they can fight with honor.
And even die with honor.

Ravager felt the need to challenge the leader of Sparta and charged him, destroying the Omegathon Spirit Shield magical life points and wounding the young Demarchon. They fought hard.

Ravager - named Thorstein - wanted to take the life of Halodynes leader for himself, yet this couldn't happen. ThoRmund charged the last Hoplite, quickly slaying him and turned to Demarchon. Few heavy blows finished the battle, and the golden armour again was splattered with blood...

[Image: IMG_5547.jpg]

The Reavers prevailed another enemy.
ThoRmund was packing new hearts in his bag, smiling cruelly.
They were growing stronger with every win. With every slayed man.

Yet they knew, that each win will make them even more hated.
They hunt, but they are and will be hunted.
And ThoRstein, their ranger, already saw a tracks of some new enemies.

"Fresh, new hearts" - ThoRmund thought.
"Come to me".


Thanks for reading!
This is our new Halodynes general, Maciek aka Ghost.
He liked the game, despite the score, and I hope that we will have a new force to fight - playing against Halodynes is different than against Mortans, and I hope that our community will be growing. Some Skannfyrd are close and I really look forward to the Wave-2 Kickstarter to promote the game more and gather more GodSlayer players Smile

PozdRawiam / Greetings

Nice ruler lol

Good to see that our community is growing Smile

Sounds like an exciting and even battle, despite Halodyne's inexperience. Too bad that Syntarch was so hot-headed and charged all by himself into Reavers' army. But that's one of the things you have to learn anew when getting into Godslayer - hero will always be cut by the unit Wink

Reavers seem to be unstop-able.

I think it will take some time to get to grips with how to use your pieces in this game.

The Ravager seems to be a good piece and other factions need a missile option to help balance out the game.

Or how would you deal with him?

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