No Guts, No Glory (300 PTS)


I thought about a 300-point list that captures the key characteristics of the Banebrood (mutation magic & plagues) while having strong internal synergy. My Guthackers trivialize spellcasting for my shamans and my shamans in return make my Guthackers even stronger.

Guthackers have great miniatures and even better stats, so I want a lot of them. The idea behind the list is striking so hard that your opponent cannot strike back. I want my warband to kill opponents quickly, so my expensive units don't suffer too many losses. Most enemy models should die by the charge attack, allowing them to strike my troops only once in counterattack, assuming they even can counterattack.

Bisotaur Shaman +30
Bubonic Fleas (Bubonic Plague) +10
Fleshmorph Draft +7
Spiked Staff +7
Gigantic Jaws +4
Athropy +4
Long Legs +9

Bubonic Fleas is a great item in general. Sending Bubonic Plague to my Guthackers gives them an additional D3+1 direct damage. Buffing them with Gigantic Jaws gives them + 1MEL (to increase hit chance against high-DEF) and another +2 additional Damage (from the upgrade). Athropy reduces opponents DEF by 1 up to 2. Before you can hit hard, you have to hit. Guthackers MEL of 7 isn't great, mutations magic shall compensate for it.
With all these buffs my Guthackers should deal in expectation 8-12 damage against most opponent models (assuming ARM of 8).
As I said: I want my Guthackers to kill in few strikes. To avoid randomness and damage reduction abitilies, I need high MEL, direct damage and multiple sources of damage.

Fallow Shaman +23
Bulgstark Eyes +3
Exoskeleton +4

Bulgstark Eys and Long Legs from the Bisotaur Shaman, so my Guthackers can outmaneuver their foes and pick their fights.

Guthackers (5/5) +110
Guthackers (4/5) +89

Mutation magic works best for large units, making stat-buffs more effective compared with single models such as beasts and characters.

All in all: 300pts

Some final thoughts: Reaver Tribesman may appear as a good option, but they cannot spread plagues. Moreover, you don't really need the Mutable ability. The Guthackers' aura alone should make sure that your Mutation spells are successfully cast.

What do you guys think? Has anyone already tried a similar list?

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Looks like a descent list. Although all your strength lies with the Gut-hackers...
You'll probably only be able to buff one of your units.

The problem you could run into: You would like to buff 2 units of Gut-hackers. You want to move fast with them... If you move fast, your Fallow Shaman cannot run fast enough to stay close to your Gut-hackers. Especially if you also want to cast some spells (mutations) on the 2 units, he'll run low on ACT.

Your strength can also be your greatest weakness. If an opponent focuses on the Gut-Hackers... Your army is soon halved.

Don't get me wrong, I still think this is a decent list! Gut-hackers are really good.

Personally I like to use the Gorelord in addition to them, they are a very good combo.
With his Howling Mad you give them +1 MEL and +1 POW.

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I understand your points. My plan is to spend the first two rounds with minimal movement. The Bisotaur Shaman has to spread the plague to both guthackers units (2 inch required, feelsbadman) and turn mutations into permanent mutations. Only the Fallow Shaman moves ahead of the force to compensate for later rounds when he has to spend his action points for spellcasting. My guthackers with long-legs should easily catch-up in later rounds.

Gorelord is a great warlord, but very expensive (costing twice as much as Bisotaur Shaman). Moreover, guthackers cannot fully utilize his kit such as the Fear from Howling Mad or Hardened Will. If I had a unit of Mongrels, they would profit more from him and Gorelord would probably be the superior choice.

Früher war alles besser, selbst die Zukunft.

It really depends on the Mission and your enemy if you will be sucessfull or not.
I am afraid that you do not get all the upgrades in place in time.

E.g. If you play a mission like king of the hill you do not have 2 rounds.
You have to rush for the center of the table or you loose this Mission.

If you play against a shooty army: good luck.
2 rounds standing around means a lot of dead models.
Especially if you meet the Farfarer together with a unit of Scabtha hunters.

If you fight against Wyldfolk you may get stuck with your breakers in a unit of Cromlech guards.
= good Combo: Defiance in Death, Circle of death or Cleave, +1 Action Point, Swithness of Arida, Fury of Mabhdus, Light infantry from Bard.
Meaning: they have strike rank +1, roll 3 dice for damage, discard the lowest, Attack 2 times, die at the end of the round if you kill them, circular slash or D3 direct damage, immune to fear, ...

So you will have to make compromises (casting spell or going for speed).

Only the battlefield may tell you if your army list is sucessfull! Wink

King of the Hill surely isn't great with the list. I thought more about a standard battle when creating it. If I wanted to play as lame as possible I would place my units at the edge of table. Being at least 38 inches away from your opponents surely gives you enough time (2 rounds) to buff up, even against an army with many ranged models.

Cromlech Guard with Defiant in Death ("dying at the end of the round") wouldn't be much of a problem as they can attack only once per turn (5 ACT pool and 3 ACT for attack). Let's say, they haven't had their standard activation this round when the Guthackers attack them, then they will probably counterattack. With Defiant in Death, Cromlech Guard models that actually have 0 lifepoints may still live during their standard activation later on. But there's no value from Defiant in Death, because the unit can only attack once per turn and already used that attack for counterattacking. A warlord assigning AP to the Cromlech Guards would of course change the calculation. I'm more worried about the Resilient ability from nordgaard dwarves (5+ on a D6 to survive lethal damage with 1 lifepoint).

The more I think about this list and reading your posts, the more I am inclined to kick out the Fallow Shaman. He is not flexible enough, because he always has to stay in close range to the Guthackers. Maybe I will replace the Fallow Shaman and 1 Guthacker with a Cyclope.

Früher war alles besser, selbst die Zukunft.

the most you have to worry about with that kind of list is tactical positioning of the unit. Spending act on charging a unit and killing it leaves a opening for countercharges and with less acts they are also a sitting prey.

Not all things are what they seem in a real tactical positioning of models. And that is what I love to play. "making your opponent choose between 2 ways to die"
sacrifice is a real good thing in this game!

Even a unit of reavers runts can kill a unit of guthackers when used good!
outnumbering and attacking and in company of a hammerfist and they are a nasty mess to deal with. costing almost nothing and a real good sacrifice.

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And then you have to play better than anyone else."
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Until now the Cromlech Guards alwasy killed more points then they costed me deploying them. Smile

But lets play it in another way:

The Farfarer comes with a Beasthunters and a Banshee and Scabtha hunters.
My complete army ignores difficult terrain.
The beasthunter has secret deployment. So the first arrow will hit you in round 1 eventually...
The farfarer has arrows which either give him a range of 40 or 48 inches (depending on his bow) OR let him ignore line of sight.
Another sure dead model.
The scabtha hunters will have one round where they shoot 10 times. With some buffs from Magic (remeber the 3 dice for damage roll) the will kill a model.
The Banshee you may not even harm. So the Banshee will sit in the middle of your army and slowly drain your lifepoints. End eventually: Kill 1 model...

The plan in one sentence:
Kill 1 single model on your side and run away.
You ever tried to catch Wildfolk when there is some difficult tgerrain on the table?

Result: 1 model dead on your side. None on my side.

What I want to say is:
Your list may work quite well. It is a solid list with a good plan.
But there are posibillities where the list will fail.
Depending on the Mission, the battle field and the enemy you face.

Try the list (both of them).
Your battles fougth with them will show you how much it is worh in reality.
Then adapt. Play. Adapt. Play...

And that is what makes godslayer so good!
Every power has its weakness. and every list is breakable if you know how it works.

somme 20 years ago, my first tabletop battles happened and I got the best advise I ever got about tabletop gaming.
That man that gave my the advise is now old and grey. (well .... old)
"Know your enemy better then your opponent and you will win!"

Never got better advise in my life.

Club: The Green Knight

"You have to learn the rules of the game.
And then you have to play better than anyone else."
Albert Einstein

(06-22-2016, 12:21 PM)laurens Wrote:  And that is what makes godslayer so good!
Every power has its weakness. and every list is breakable if you know how it works.
(06-22-2016, 12:21 PM)laurens Wrote:  "Know your enemy better then your opponent and you will win!"

And best regards to the old man. Smile


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