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BaneBRood in Construction
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05-26-2016 11:28 AM
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BaneBRood in Construction

KedzioR_vo Offline

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Some time ago I started my conversion thread, but it was lost in the abyss so I'm starting it again.

I've got my first pack of new GodSlayer minis a while ago and I want to share with you the joy of collecting, constructing and in the future the painting of my army!

I've started with GutHackers!
They are big, scary and brutal, just like they should!
[Image: IMG_4607.jpg]

As you can see, I've converted one of them, because I don't tolerate clones in my armies.
Here's the start of conversion, the original in the left and the poor guy cut in many pieces in the right:
[Image: IMG_4540.jpg]

Some WiP of his new weapon:
[Image: IMG_4545.jpg]

And the finished Fomorian:
[Image: IMG_4611.jpg]

Many more photos can be found in my album.

I also put together the scary, huge Cyclops, a beautiful mini! I had a vision of conversion in my mind, but he's so cool, that maybe I'll convert second one (when I'll get another - in the never ending future of course).

[Image: IMG_4612.jpg]

He's so heavy that I used many pins to be sure that he will be as tough as he should be. Some WiP photos, like this one, are in the forementioned album.

I'm also working on a Ravager, because mine has too flat head. I sculpted a new one, but it was done before I got the mini and my head turned out too big, unfortunately.
[Image: IMG_4613.jpg]
I wanted to have my own Ragnar in the Reavers warband... Wink

Okey, enough with the spamming, let's get to work, my BaneBrood is waiting to get bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER*! Big Grin

[Image: IMG_4620.jpg]

PozdRawiam / Greetings

*) And David is waiting for new sketches for wave 2 Tongue
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05-26-2016 11:53 AM
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RE: BaneBRood in Construction

manic _miner Offline

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Nice to see the force growing.

The Fomorian Guthackers are really nice miniatures.Got my box last week along with a Shaman.Need to get a Warlord now.

Nice sculpting on the Ragnar head.I have the first episode of the new season to watch.The head might work well on the Reavers.
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