The Festival of Death - BaneBrood vs Mortans 300pts

Since we've lost the last battle reports I'm uploading our newest, which I've fortunately saved on my hard drive.
Sad I didn't save my conversion thread...


It was written in the old books, it was known from the old years. The BaneBrood incursion was ment to happen.
And it did.
Barbarious strength started to overcome the Empire of men.
Many skirmishes erupted in the borders of Mortan Empire, few bigger battles were fought, and not one of them was won by the Mortans.
They had to at least slow down the advantaging hordes of BaneBrood. No matter the cost.

So the Liche Emperors decided that the normal Legions don’t do their task and it’s time to use the Evil for doing some Good.
It’s time for the dead to rise.

Hello everyone, once again we’re inviting you to read about another battle between BaneBrood (KędzioR) and Mortans (HanSolo), this time a mixed force of beasts and men were pushed to fight against the undead...

KR: After fighting few battles with pure Reaver forces I decided that it is time to test my new warriors – the Bisotaur Shaman and the GutHackers. So I made an 300pts army consisting of them with an addition of Ravager leading an unit of 9 Tribesmen.
I gave my Warlord the plain Staff, the Bubonic Fleas with Bubonic Plague, the WitchWeed Extract, and 3 spells – Bugstalk Eyes (+1 DEF), Gigantic Jaws (+1 MEL) and Long Legs (+1 MOV).

I didn’t know that I’ll face a clever enemy totally resistant to Plagues and Eaten Alive.

HS: I know Kędzior quite well, so I knew what can I expect. So I decided to give him a surprise and deploy an army immune to his tricks Smile Oh, and also I really wanted to test my new toys.
The army was as followed:
Mortifex (32)
--- Infernatus (7)
--- Imperial Platemail (12)
--- Elixir of Life (6)
--- Mortuary Charm (12)
--- Morbid Skull (6)
--- Ancestral Rites (4)
--- Enigmatic Wave (4)
--- Ashes to Ashes (7)
--- Decay (8)

2x Necromagus (22 each)
--- Fleshbind (3)
--- Other World Breach(5)
--- Raise Legionnaire (6)

2x Legio Mortum (38 each)

Moloch (52)

The plan was simple – raise the Legion Mortum en masse, and use them to hold the enemy and destroy him with Moloch's charges and Mortifex's spells.

KR: The board was quite simple, with ruined tower in the center, few hills and forests.
My 5 Guthackers stood close to Bisotaur, while the Reaver vanguard took stance in a small forest on a hill.

[Image: 1_1.jpg]

KR: The first turn was obvious – Bisotaur Shaman, using the privilege of Aura of Corruption, easily cast Long Legs on GutHackers but after that failed to make this spell permanent. After that my army went a bit closer to the enemy.

HS: I didn't want to engage the Banebrood quickly, so I started quite calmly. Mortifex gave away one token to each Necromagus, got one Ancestral Token and moved behind the ruined tower. From that point he could buff the undead with his Ancestral Powers, while also having his flanks protected.

[Image: 2_1.jpg]

HS: Then I moved everything forward, raised 4 undead Legionnaires (2 for each unit) and placed the Moloch that way, so it could flank the GutHackers charging the Legio Mortum (while Moloch itself was safe from the Banebrood charge).

The trap was set. Now I only had to wait...

[Image: 3_1.jpg]

[Image: 4_1.jpg]

KR: The Bisotaur Shaman sustained the Long Legs on GutHackers for free.
Then he cast the BugStalk Eyes on them and upgraded the Long Legs, making the big guys Light Infantry.

[Image: 5_1.jpg]

KR: My Ravager came closer to the Legio Mortum and shot twice with his bow, killing one zombie!

And the first fights started!
My Tribesmen unit charged the Legio Mortum in the left. Thanks to Mob Rule they didn’t have to take the Lead test for Fear and wipe out quite a big part of the skeletons.

[Image: 6_1.jpg]

HS: Just as planned. Loses means nothing for Legio Mortum. They can be raised again. But Reavers lost their charge momentum, and uncovered themselves for Mortifex...

[Image: 7_1.jpg]

KR: Then I decided to risk a bit and furiously charged with GutHackers against second unit of zombies. I used the Circular Slash tactic and the lower POW 4 attack. Since skeletons have low DEF and ARM and only few life points it was enough to wipe out all of them in the range of GutHackers war picks.

[Image: 8_1.jpg]

HS: Beautiful. Expendable zombies took all the charges upon themselves Smile Too bad they died so easily and I couldn't use my subfaction ability. But still it was going as planned.

[Image: 10_1.jpg]

KR:...Still it was a problematic move, since the Moloch came behind my elite beasts...
And – as I didn’t won any initiative roll in the first part of the game – it charged my unit. I decided to fight back, I failed the Horror test (which for them is treated as a Fear test) and one of them failed also the Reek test. But the leader wasn’t so fearful and hit the beast hard with POW 7 blow, dying like a true soldier should – dealing 6 or 8 damage to Moloch.

HS: Yes, Moloch took a serious blow, and Necromagus was too far away to heal it. But still – two GutHackers dying in one charge? Sounds like a great exchange to me. With GutHackers tied by Legio Mortum, attacked by Moloch and my troops supported by Necromagus that flank was pretty much secured.

[Image: 9_1.jpg]

KR: In the meantime on the left flank my army coped better, the Ravager charged Legio Mortum, killed one of them and slayed another thanks to slay movement rule.

[Image: 11_1.jpg]

HS: But on the other flank it was not going as well. Legionnaires were dying much faster than I could raise the new ones, and Necromagus got engaged by the Reavers. My only chance was in Mortifex's magical abilities.

KR: Unfortunately the right flank was dying – the GutHackers had a big problem fighting against Moloch and a unit of Legio Mortum accompanied by Necromagus and one after one they fell to the ground. Yet they tied the beast to them, so the Bisotaur Shaman could get away behind the ruined fortress and cast Gigantic Jaws and Bugstalk Eyes on Tribesmen.

[Image: 12_1.jpg]

KR: It looked like Mortans are gaining a serious advantage, especially after the magical attacks made by their warlord against my Tribesmen – many of them died.

[Image: 13_1.jpg]

HS: It worked Smile Enigmatic Wave killed bunch of Reavers, so Mortifex could also gain new Ancestral Powers. In no time he got his 5th token.

KR: I had to save my army, so the Ravager cleared his path to the worthiest enemy, as his code of honor tells him, and charged the Mortifex, wounding him. I thought that my Barbarian will finish the Mortan boss off, but it came out that he is defended by some sort of magic that forces my Ravager to use 3 dices with attack rolls and discount the best one.

[Image: 14_1.jpg]

HS: Not magic – just the superior Mortan armor (Imperial Platemail).

KR: This, with the fact, that Mortifex could just use his magic against my Ravager without an option to fight back saved it’s undead life.

HS: I wasn't quite convinced about the Decay spell – I thought that 2D3 direct damage is not so much. But in the end, it was that spell that saved the Mortifex. Took a few tries, but the Ravager fell dead.
Unfortunately, the Legio Mortum on that flank got wiped out entirely, so I could not raise the other ones. So my entire right flank was hold by the warlord...

KR: Important thing happened in the right flank – last GutHacker died and Moloch came closer to Shaman...

The situation of BaneBroof was becoming critical.

HS: And so I decided to take the second Legio Mortum unit to the other flank, to shield my warlord from the incoming Reavers charge. And, of course, Necromagus raised some more troops on their way there.
As for the Moloch, I decided to use him to hunt down the Bisotaur Shaman. The fight was going quite well, so I decided to tie things up and finish my opponent. Well, maybe I got a little too cocky…

KR: But then – finally – I won the initiative roll!

HS: Whole Kędzior – he can loose the initiative all the time, but when he needs it the most, he'll win. Always.

KR: So my WaRlord, the big, fat Cow named Bisotaur Shaman charged the undead construct and aimed several powerful blows, hitting it from 2 inches range and destroying it!

[Image: 15_1.jpg]

HS: That was unexpected. I honestly didn't expect that the spellcaster can hit so hard. I tried to counterattack, and as I recall Moloch did some pretty damage before dying.

KR: The surviving BaneBrood warriors seeing as their Warlord destroys the biggest enemy felt a new power rising in them!
They fought with new strength and despite the fact that they still suffered losses they managed to beat the Legio Mortum and Necromagus.

And the Bisotaur Shaman again won the initiative and cleverly charged one skeleton from Legio Mortum, slayed it and – thanks to Slay Movement – got into range with the Mortifex. The two Warlords clashed, but the huge and powerful beastman easily prevailed, leaving the Mortans leader in shapeless pieces.

[Image: 16_1.jpg]

HS: And that's when the shit went down… By the way, it was a little anticlimactic that the duel between two spellcasters got resolved by the big stick Tongue

KR: Yet the BaneBrood Warlord was seriously wounded and – after fighting against Necromagus – it fell to the ground.

HS: Well, Necromagus killed the Shaman with his counterattack. And after that he charged the Tribesman unit (now with only 2 barbarians left), killing one of them. But after that, the lone barbarian killed the mage.

KR: The last few fights took place and when the dust of battle settled only one Reaver Tribesman stood on the ground, wounded and tired.

[Image: 17_1.jpg]


With great losses the Mortans stopped the advantage of BaneBrood forces.

...For a while.

KędzioR_vo: Some summary after the battle – My army definitely wasn’t ideal to fight against undead or non-living, as I couldn’t use the advantage of Plagues and Eaten Alive. If I knew it earlier, I’d loose the Bubonic Fleas and take +1 MAG instead for the Shaman and a better Staff with higher POW.
Still it was very interesting to see how the mixed BaneBrood will work against such hard enemy. The Necromancers were producing many skeletons and I think that my Banebrood killed about 25 zombies, while only 12 was starting the battle Wink
About the tactics – I knew I risked much charging the GutHackers so close to Moloch. I wanted to try them out, my plan was to charge the Moloch itself, yet I didn’t have a chance for it.
Now I know the undead rules better and I’ll remember that fighting against them with POW 4 or less is just horrible. It’s good that BaneBrood is rather strong and has nice Power. It’s also a good thing that Legio Mortum has low DEF and Life Points, they are quite easy to kill, which balances their numbers and the ease of rising them again.
About the Shaman – I’m really happy with his debut, even though few times I didn’t manage to upgrade some mutations or make them permanent. Yet free sustaining is nice.
And I’ll have to remember to use the Talking Heads tactic – I should’ve used it in the last turns when I charged him against Mortifex and maybe my Shaman would survive. The same with WitchWeed Extract – I always used it when fighting with Tyrant, but yesterday I totally forgot about this.

HanSolo: It was the first time I played the undead warband, and I loved it. It was really nice that my whole army was immune to plagues and Eaten Alive – it was a real pain in the ass in the previous battles.
Too bad that Banebrood weapons had high power – I rarely had the opportunity to use sub-faction ability, because of charge bonus or enemy using powerful fighting style.
And yes, raising new troops is a big advantage, especially with their relatively low DEF, ARM and lifepoints. Many fights were won by Legio Mortum only because of the sheer number of attacks.
As for the Mortifex I made two mistakes that probably cost the game for me. First one was not taking the Elixir of Life when I had the chance. I thought that I'll time to do it later (when Mortifex would be more wounded), but no. Second one was forgetting about the Bodyguard tactic. Still it would not safe Mortifex from Shaman's attacks, but at least the initial attack would hit someone else.
Overall I was happy with the undead's performace, and I look forward to fielding them again.

Some Halodyne philosopher said that “Only the dead have seen the end of war”. Obviously he didn't see the Mortan army on the march.
The disgraced members of the Golden Legion earned their redemption. They were sent to slow down the Banebrood invasion, and that is what they did. Dark times are still awaiting the Empire, but now the Lichelords have time to muster their defenses. To train the new soldiers, to build new war machines, to deploy new magic.
Banebrood will lick their wounds and attack again. But then they will be shattered by the Empire's might.
As for the undead, their service is not over. There will be no rest for them, no joining the honored ancestors. They will be summoned to fight again And again. And again.

After all, what is dead, may never die...

PozdRawiam / Greetings


Great battle report.

I bet having to fight the Undead Legions was a surprise for your friend.Negates his Banebrood tactics quite a bit.

Will be interesting to see what you change in your force for the next games.

Is it wise to use so many points on the Mortifex?Could the extra points not be used to add another unit or more troops to the existing ones?A scorpio might be of use to kill some things off at range too.

Love the last line in the post.Nice nod to Game of Thrones Wink.

Well, Kędzior played with Banebrood - it was I who played with Mortans Tongue

As for the Mortifex, yes, maybe he was worth many points, but I liked having a really powerful, buffed warlord. After all, he almost single-handy decimated an entire Reavers unit.

I don't think that it's necessary to add extra troopers to Legio Mortum. I prefer to deploy a minimum unit of them, and then add another troopers via Raise Legionnaire. And use saved points elsewhere (for example to buff Mortifex) Tongue

But still it could be a good idea to add a Scorpio. I'll try to shave some points and fit him in that list.
If I ever get the model.

And YES, finally, someone noticed the GoT reference Big Grin

I can see having the Mortifex maxed out being handy but he does seem to tie a lot of points up.At 98 points it is a third of your force points.I will have to read my book and see what the different items add to him.Not sure if he is best used to buff other units or as a killer.

The Mortifex could probably do with having more options available in troop types.It seems a bit limited at the moment.

The Scorpio might help kill off some of the larger pieces in an opponents force.Such as Guthackers Wink.

Looking forward to your next game.Having not played a game yet it is interesting to see how units and characters work.

At the moment i have the starting point for a Mortan force.Basically the starter force and the Cataclysm Catapult.Need more options.

My Troglodytes force is looking good now.With a few options to choose from.

Been loving the new series of GoT.Things look like they are picking up pace now.Got a few of the miniatures arriving this week.Northstar had a lucky bag where you could get six miniatures for £10.So i ordered two sets.Cant wait to se what i GoT Wink.

Just been looking at the battle report again.Do you think if the Moloch had went around the other way that the Mortifex could have healed it a bit?Might have made the difference to the game.

Still a very close fought game with plenty of chances for both sides.

I cant wait to get some games in.

The Undead Gladiator for the Mortans will really help them out a bit once he gets released.

Seeing all of the items and extra things to keep track of and remember will be the hardest thing for me to do.I like how you can add upto two Mortis Legionnaires to a unit each turn.I could see it making a big difference.
The rule where if you kill someone out-right you can also add a Mortis Legionnair to a unit is cool too.

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