Comic Con Linz 2016
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Comic Con Linz 2016
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03-24-2016 02:32 PM
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Comic Con Linz 2016

spy Offline
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Hi everybody.

I was quite busy this Weekend.
Our gaming Club participated in the Comic Con 2016 in Linz.

We gave demos for the following games:


- Freebooter's Fate (4 Models per side)
- Godslayer (1 unit + 1 Character per side)
- Saga (2points per side)

and also some board games:

- WH 40k (200 Points per side)
- SW X-Wing (1x-Wing against 2 TIE fighters)
- SW Armada (1ship against 1 ship)
- SW Imperial Assault (1st Mission)

There were about 9000 visitors.
We gave many Demos.
Some people told us that they will visit us in the next weeks (hopefully)... Smile
If not: does not matter. It was great fun.

Here are some Pictures:

01: We are ready!
[Image: P1010140_zpsou0kcply.jpg]

02: High ranking visitor...
[Image: P1010132_zpszqf4gfju.jpg]

03: Our demo table
[Image: P1010115_zps1d4syudf.jpg]

04: Heros
[Image: P1010105_zpso7j5dsty.jpg]

05: Game of Thrones in 3D
[Image: P1010101_zpsy1ak6c0b.jpg]

06: Back to the future
[Image: P1010097_zpsunis0xx5.jpg]

07: Demo in action
[Image: P1010084_zpsvb4dd29u.jpg]

08: Princess, Princess, Princess, Princess
[Image: P1010129_zpsgrdzjfe4.jpg]

09: More girly power
[Image: P1010131_zpsumxw8ung.jpg]

10: And their male counter-parts
[Image: P1010146_zpsfizlvye3.jpg]

11: My personal fevorite:
[Image: P1010143_zpslsqzgqk0.jpg]
I played a game of Freebooter's Fate against him.
He was a good adversary.
But I catchted him cheating. And I told him.
He pulled his pistol and convinced me that he is right and I am wrong...

12: Pure love. An Ork and a Dwarf (=his nick Name in our forum)
[Image: P1010152_zpsrjeecixw.jpg]

13: Taking care about the next generation of players
[Image: P1010147_zps9nplkwqk.jpg]

14: 3D-printing in colour
[Image: P1010111_zpsipchrnvp.jpg]

... and the necessary 3D scanner
[Image: P1010112_zpsswm6j1ng.jpg]

15: Vikings against Normans (Saga)
[Image: P1010089_zps2ds7errs.jpg]

16: Amazones (Freebooter's Fate)
[Image: P1010090_zpsu19kecs2.jpg]

17: I was also there with Godslayer
[Image: P1010088_zpsxivhdtq7.jpg]

It was great fun and a real success (for everybody).
The Comic Con will be back around 9th of April 2017!
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03-24-2016 03:04 PM
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RE: Comic Con Linz 2016

Raoul Offline
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Wow, seems you had a blast!
And good job demoing those games away. Smile

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05-26-2016 01:24 PM
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RE: Comic Con Linz 2016

manic _miner Offline

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Looks like a good show.

Nice to see the Cos-play people.

Terrain boards look good.
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