Bat reps - prizes

I love battle reports, and so does everyone else on the forum, so why not post one.

Unpainted minis?
Poorly painted minis?
Ugly terrain?
Not 100% sure about the rules?

No ones cares about that. We just want to see the action!

Everyone who posts a battle report or link to their battle report on the forum before the end of April will be considered for a prize.

The best 3 batreps will get prizes in the form of Godslayer merchandise (€40 EUR credit).

The criteria for judging will be "entertainment value" of the bat rep. So quality of photos, minis, editing and writing etc play a very minor role. Even mistakes in the rules are fine, so you don't need to be a genius or experienced player.

Batreps should either be in written form with plenty of photos, (and broken down by round please), or they can be filmed. They should be made using mostly Godslayer minis (I don't mind occasional proxies).

So you have 6 weeks to get a battle report posted.....


Great boost!!! hope to lots op reports!

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Good idea Smile
I wrote batreps from my first battles so there's no problem with writing some more. Maybe with some better fluff etc.

So - let's play! Wink

PozdRawiam / Greetings

We got in contact with a friend who is kind of 'movie clip nerd' and made promo videos for the university and other stuff... i hope it works to do a video report next month!
However, my English will need to be subtitled i fear... Big Grin

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Cool event. I will post a small battle Report soon.

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