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Next Godslayer faction
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03-06-2016 12:15 PM
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RE: Next Godslayer faction

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Troglodytes are solidly based on a Mongol visual design style, although their background bears no relation at all to Mongols.

Nimburians are based on Persians. A mix of Achaemenid and Sassanid.
Achaemenid Persians were the empire which fought the Greeks and were defeated by alexander. Sassanids were the later empire which fought the Romans after the Persia was invaded by the Parthians and threw off the domination of the Seleucid successor kingdom.

In theme, Nimburia is kind of like the Sassanids. They have thrown off the control of the Jendorian Successor Kingdoms (which isn Godslayer are ruled by the high patriarchs of the 12 Halodyne gods. So far they have reconquered three of these kingdoms and are marching west towards the Halodyne heartlands.

In appearance they will be a mixture of fantasy and historical Achaemenid-Sassanid. If Mortans were plain Romans, it would be pretty dull, and in such a way, It would be dull if Nimburians were 100% historical. And it would be odd because in the background the upper caste of Nimburians are not even human. So those guys for sure will be fantasy in style. There will be more traditional-looking "Persians" like the Melopophoroi ("apple bearers" infantry) and others who form the middle cast of half-humans. The lower caste will be more fantasy again - slave-humans and slave ogres.

My purpose is to create a realistic looking culture which looks similar to Persians but also includes a lot of fantasy elements.

It will not look much like 300. Well in fact the regular infantry shown in 300 was pretty close to accurate, so some minis will for sure look similar in theat respect. However, the Immortals of 300 will not form inspiration for Nimburians. Our Immortals will have scale armor and cool robes. Nimburian immortals will also have face-masks as did the immortals in 300, but of course they will be different.

It is also a big re-expanding empire, so one subfaction will be "satrapies" which are the outer conquered provinces. Satrapies will have African style guys riding lions, camel-riding desert nomads, hill tribes, and many diverse interesting options. And Satrapies will also include some Kassobari troops.
Kassobari are a race of humans who had a vast empire in the past. Their visual style is inspired by Seljuk Turkish. The Kassobari are famed for their flying cavalry (mounted on large warhawks) and their Warlocks who are masters at enslaving Djinn.

So it will be a pretty colorful faction :-)
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03-06-2016 01:48 PM
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RE: Next Godslayer faction

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That sounds great.

No matter how it comes. The Nimburian will fall again under the dominion of Halodynen.

Halodynes forever
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