Godslayer Army App

sorry about you coffee machine....

the app looks amazing

Seems the curse of the coffee machine empowered your unholy work on this great-looking contraption. Well done!

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

(07-10-2016, 08:07 PM)Phoenix Wrote:  Depending on my motivation I might finish next week or in upcoming month. My coffee machine broke, now I'm debuffed with Gutrot Plague and Enhanced Atrophy.

Take my action tokens to pass the expiry test!

Früher war alles besser, selbst die Zukunft.

(07-12-2016, 03:32 PM)Pix Wrote:  Take my action tokens to pass the expiry test!

Thanks, there are good news! And "maybe" bad ones!

Today a made a build and everything comes nicely together, so chances are high that I will do the release soon.

Actually I was very close to give you guys a first taste with an offline PC version, though my layout improvements made the unit portraits blurry (now 300x300, former 200x200). That means I can redo around 70 unit pictures, increasing their size from 256x256 to 512x512, because that's how compression works. Yeah, I'm so happy, I could puke rainbows!

This version will "sadly" only include the basic functions, which brings me to the bad news.

The project's future depends on it's success. I love to describe success as "emotional" or "financial", and that app was clearly targeted as an "emotional" one.

I'm not sure this can be accomplished any longer, ... my coffee machine broke Tongue
Anyone doing this line of work knows, it might look simple, but a person has to sacrifice an incredible amount of time, steamed by dreams and love! Further has to pay 3€ for an coffee every day ... which really sucks!

Might sound a bit grim and maybe I'm wrong, it's just I have the feeling that spending more time wouldn't result in any more personal success.

I appreciate your support guys, I really do! Wink Any way, we will know more after release!

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