Godslayer Army App

Sounds great, looking forward to what you come up with.

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I'm curious of that myself ^^

One bigger update, a pdf creator is now inside the app, means you will be able to get pdfs for printing or sharing. That's a huge step towards battle reports and one of my headaches. For testing purpose you might print your army lists with the upcoming alpha, but I'm not sure if THIS specific feature will stay or as any lasting value.

It's also interesting, which information you wish to have in such a battle report.

At the moment calculating status effects are a pain, just because there are so many, further some units behave differently (banebrood as plague bearer). Don't think alpha will include any effects.

Just a short update! (So you guys see I'm really dedicated)

At the moment I rework the user interface from scratch, just to give you guys the most pleasure experience possible! My old prototyp was a bit clunky. (This is by no mean a final build!)

As you might see, it's possible to take snapshots of your units, just press the icon (I know a hoplite is no warlord, but it was the figure at hand). Since it's taken with my webcam, excuse the poor quality, a mobile cam is far superior! But you get the idea ^^

The UI is going to be pretty as soon as I receive the official material.

[Image: 2dc9xrb.png]

Just a short question! Would you guys like to have a function, which allows you to find people playing Godslayer in your area (thanks to gps location). Of course only if they wanted to be found ^^

Great Idea! Maby with the option to mail the person?

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Seems to be coming together really pretty and shiny.
If adding the player gps is a simple affair, I think it wouldn't hurt. Smile

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

Godslayer-Tinder. Yes please. Big Grin

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I think you should look at BatchGeo... That can be a very handy plugin for your application and for the Godslayer community.
If you keep a list of players and clubs, you can show them with this application.

Maybe have a look...

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@laurens: I have to look into that. If it requires setting up my own mail server, no, if I can use an open mail server, yeah why not, though I would have to think about a way not to spam people.

@udunsflame: Not sure, if I require BatchGeo, might just use GoogleMap (which is free).

After a long time some fresh meat and information.

So far, I'm nearly done with the first version. The layout is 87% done (I did a lot of optimizing), only the loadout buttons are missing (spells/weapons).

Depending on my motivation I might finish next week or in upcoming month. My coffee machine broke, now I'm debuffed with Gutrot Plague and Enhanced Atrophy.

[Image: 2qtbwyf.jpg]

WOW! Nice work! Wan't wait to test it!

Club: The Green Knight
"A trap is only a trap if you walk into it before you see it"- Flint Fireforge.

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