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Tournament season in Italy is on the run

Hallo players!

Sunday Feb 21st in Vailate there will be the first tournament of 2016 season

300 pts, 3 matches great fun and a wonderful pizza (or fritto misto) for lunch

If you want to came contact me, we can find a way to accommodate you

in ANUBI we trust

Sounds great, hope you have tons of fun!

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

Maybe in the future... Would be great to travel for such an event. ;-)

Club: The Green Knight
"A trap is only a trap if you walk into it before you see it"- Flint Fireforge.

well next event will be between the end of march and the first week of april. it depends on the availability of the room.
Anyway we will be happy to welcome you

in ANUBI we trust

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