Minotaurs ?
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Minotaurs ?
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02-15-2013 09:15 PM
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RE: Minotaurs ?

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Hi Cobrannus,

Your idea of Baba-Yaga, Slavic-style Reavers is fitting.

Originally the Reavers were concieved as similar to ancient Germanic tribes because the Germanics were destroyers of (Roman) civilization, were fearsome warriors and because there is some historical evidence that they performed ritual cannibalism on defeated enemies with a tribal cooking pot. Germanic inspired Reavers seemed to fit well next to the Mortans, and the Mortan Empire does have a large region of Reavers on its north-eastern border.

However, we realized that Reavers must be a world-wide phenomena on Calydorn. Reavers represent Mortals who were affected by the Baneplague mentally, but less so physically, suffering only minor mutations. The Baneplague swept the entire world, and so as we explored other continents we discovered cannibal, headhunting Reavers in the southern jungles and Sea-People Reavers on the west coast of Kassobar, and pygmy Reavers in Anzugua, and many others.

Your concept fits perfectly with the Reavers of Northern Zephyr where the Vagolga Tribes live in the endless taiga and marshes crowning that continent. The annointed Champion Isenwolff and his blessed armies sought to subdue the Vagolga tribes but he quickly realized that a complete conquest would require ten generations. Since they seemed content to remain in their snowy land, the crusading armies moved on westward and the Vagolga remained just beyond the northern border of the Gödermark. In fact not all of the Vagolga tribes are Reavers, a minority were completely unaffected and some others have only a few affected members among them. Nevertheless, even those not mentally bound to the Urghast still pay tribute to it, and even those with shamanic or pantheistic beliefs systems honor the Urghast as a minor deity.

(02-15-2013 12:47 PM)Cobrannos Wrote:  Yay, exactly what I was hoping for!

I´m a great fan of the Reaver subfaction (although I started with Mortans, also cool, and they have models already ;-).

The Reavers appear to me as a very unpleasant interpretation of early medieval Slavic tribes, and indeed they should have a Striga witch, a malformed malicious crone with dark iron fingernails, who pulls out some nasty surprises out of her bubbling cauldron, and spreads curses and insanity.
The announced trackers I would interpret as Vukodlak werewolves, shapeshifting half-beasts, sneaky ambushers and hunters.

I just only need the Three-Face, a carved and blood-smeared pole used as a battle totem, inciting fear in opponents and killing frenzy in reavers.

Bloody hell, reavers are so cool! The 3D preview you just showed promises so much violence and mayhem on my table... :-D

(02-14-2013 11:24 AM)David Wrote:  Well Centaurs will be well represented in Wave-2 with 2 units a warlord and a character. That will give the Banebrood some serious cavalry power (in case anyone found them too slow at the moment
:-) ha, ha).

Reavers in Wave-2 will also get more models, including spell-casting witches, missile-armed trackers and a cool cavalry unit mounted on big wolverines.

That's the current plan, but I cannot make any guarantees at this point. The difficulty is that we have so many ideas for every faction, but we need to be realistic and restrict the realeases in Wave-2 to another 12 releases per faction just as we have in Wave-1. That's because we need to issue them in book form as in Wave-1 rulebook.

There's really lots more stuff planned for every faction, all of which are really unique models and units.
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02-20-2013 06:03 PM
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RE: Minotaurs ?

Cobrannos Offline

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Hi David,

thanks for the insight!
From the information in the background book, I understood the Reaver tribes as similar to early Germanic at first also. But then, in my imagination I reserved this analogy for the Nordgaard (although the northernmost version of Germanic people), and since - beginning with Tacitus - traditionally people have been seen the more savage and terrifying the more to the east they lived, the Slavic analogy came forth :-)
From the historical and ethnological point of view, Germanic, Baltic and Slavic people were not so distinct as one would think, but since Calydorn is a fantastic world, its people are also fantastically clear archetypes.
So, my Reavers will belong to the Vagolga tribes, were interepreted in a Slavic-like style, and will sport all the unpleasant characteristics attributed to these people by their prejudiced and ignorant neighbors :-D

But your remark about the world-wide Reaver phenomenon is so important: Of course there must be dozens of different groups of "Reavers"! Great for any player - local variations for every taste...
I really hope for models of the jungle reavers, would be fun to paint these guys with their masks and warpaint!
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