BaneBRood Reaver vs Mortans Legion


This is my first battle report from my third GodSlayer game and first using original miniatures.
I played a BaneBrood Reavers army - Reaver Tyrant named ThoRmund with Plessian Axe, WitchWeed Extract and Gut-Plate of Negirrath was the commander, and his troops was 9 Reaver Tribesmen led by ThoRbjoRn and accompanied by a Fallow Shaman Crazy Cow (Bugstalk Eyes and Long Legs).
The first two games I played with a pure Reaver army (one more Tribesman, slightly changed Tyrant and Ravager), but after seeing how beautifly Shaman works with Mutable Tribesmen I think that I'll be using him often Wink
My adversary and a good friend - HanSolo - was leading an army with Centurion (some armour ignoring special rules of my weapons, some sword giving him +1 Strike Rank), PRinceptor and 2 units of Legionnaires 4 guys each. I think that HanSolo will add some his thoughts too.

We are an Infinity players and we have much sci-fi terrain and less fantasy, so here's how our battle table looked after deploying the troopers:
[Image: mIMG_4258.jpg]

The first turn was simple - advantaging with our soldiers.
[Image: mIMG_4259.jpg]

I started with the Crazy Cow, casting Long Legs on the Tribesmen:
[Image: mIMG_4260.jpg]

The Mortans came closer and so did my Tyrant ThoRmund, looking at enemies from behind a hill:
[Image: mIMG_4261.jpg]

The Princeptor came a bit too close and that's how it looked after the first turn:
[Image: mIMG_4262.jpg]

My plan was to stay away from enemy charges and then use the upgraded Long Legs, so I sustained the spell.

If I remember correctly I won the Initiative in the second turn and gave the first move to the enemy. I think that the Centurion activated and gave few of his ACT to Legionnaires and Princeptor and left 2 for some CounterAttack. He maybe gave some Tactics too, I'm not sure now.

Then I activated the Crazy Cow and started to cast some spells! Firsty I upgraded the Long Legs to make Tribesmen a Light Infantry, then I managed to cast on them the Bugstalk Eyes and even upgrade it!

[Image: mIMG_4263.jpg]

So now I had a highly buffed unit and I activated them with a beautiful long charge, going into base contact with the lone Princeptor, the Centurion and even some Legionnaires from each unit:

[Image: mIMG_4264.jpg]

[Image: mIMG_4265.jpg]

What happened next I'll write in the next post Wink


The battle begun!
Our trooop clashed in a merciless battle!

The buffet Tribesmen was counterattacked by Princeptor, but he didn't hit. My Reavers was deadly and the charge attack killed the Princeptor outright!
The leader - ThoRbjorn - accompanied by 3 soldiers didn't give the mortan any chance:

[Image: mIMG_4266.jpg]

The Centurion used his CounterAttack and thanks to higher Strike Rank killed my Reaver nr 8 before I could hit him.
The Reavers on the left did nothing, but two Tribesmen nr 5 and 9 killed a Legionnaire in the right. This was a great turn for BaneBrood, as you can see in the picture higher.

Then I made a move, gettin in base contact with the Centurion and a Legionnaire in the right. I used the Eaten Alive tactics, the Centurion fell on the ground and suffered few wounds:

[Image: mIMG_4267.jpg]

The Legionnaire in the right was eaten by few Tribesmen and ThoRbjoRn!
[Image: mIMG_4268.jpg]

The legion was in pain. The unit in the left activate, stand up and moved and attacked my tribesmen killing 2 of them:
[Image: mIMG_4269.jpg]

The unit in the right also attacked my tribesmen, did some damage but no kills if I remember correctly.

My Tyrant used all his 4 ACT to move closer and even manage to get into melee range with a Mortan of the right unit. He hit him hard and killed him thanks to his brutal Barbarous Strengh rule.

The next turn was just a bloody festival - I sustained the Bugstalk Eyes at first and then won the initiative.
My ThoRmund wanted to kill someone worthy so I buffed him with Witchweed Extract and then charged into the fight with lying Centurion.
The Mortan didn't stand a chance against furious attack and died.
ThoRmund then killed some Legionnaire.

After few activations and even killing someone with my Shaman it looked like this:
[Image: mIMG_4270.jpg]

And when the battle dust subsied there were only BaneBrood left on the battlefield:
[Image: mIMG_4271.jpg]

The Mortans killed my ThoRbjoRn, the leader of Tribesmen, but their failure was obvious.

And thats how the generals look - me in the left and HanSolo in the right:
[Image: mIMG_4286.jpg]

As a some summary - I wrote before, that I wanted to play pure Reavers army, but after testing the combination of Shaman with Tribesmen it's hard not to use it Wink Charging before the enemy charges is great not only thanks to the bonuses to hit and damage (which against ARM 9 is great), but it's great way to survive. In two earlier battles I was charged by Mortans and lost many Tribesmen because of this.

And we have some questions about the rules, so if you know the answers please tell us Smile

Does the charge bonus (or the powerful style bonus) also adds a +1 do the direct damage? As it's written on the page 71 in Charge Bonuses: "Charge bonus gives them boht +! MEL and +1 POW for their melee attack and damage/direct damage!"

But it's not clear to me if this bonus also adds +1 on the direct damage roll thanks to critics?
And does it work also with Eaten Alive, if the tactis was used after a succesful charge (or in a turn in which I'm using powerful style)?
And lastly, do this bonus also count when I'm damaging enemy thanks to a plague, like Bubonic Plague?
For example: I'm charging with a Mongrel with this Plague, I use the Ambidextrous attack for 3 ACT, I have +1 to Power, then I hit a critic. So I'm doing 3 or 4 direct damage? And the Plague does D3 + 1 direct damage or D3 + 2 thanks to the charge?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

And thanks for reading!

Sorry if my English is hard to read, I'm not native, it's good that as a Reaver I can read and write at all Tongue

PozdRawiam / Greetings

Yeah... That one was brutal...

You've got everything right. Centurion had Titanium Liche Helm (immunity to weapon abilities) and Imperial Heirloom (+1 Strike Rank). In his second turn, Centurion gave away 2 ACT (one for each Legionnaires unit) and cast Ancestral Pride once. I wanted to take your charge while having a Tesdudo, the in in my turn attack with Fighting Style + Ancestral Pride bonus. Not exactly went as planned Tongue

One funny thing - my unit of 2 Legionnaires attacked, did nothing, but one of them died because of the Reaver's counterattack Tongue

To sum up - next time I'm going to keep the Princeptor and Centurion at the back, and move them up front after enemy engaged with my Legionnaires (I really thought that heroes would be more survivable). Oh, and remember about Centurion's Counteract. Eaten Alive is just brutal and OP Tongue

Thank you for the report!
It was fun to read. Smile

About heros:

A Hero fighting alone is: a dead hero...
Especially if the enemy is allowed to charge them (you already found out the hard way...)
Yes, the hero has normally a better attack, is harder to hit and is better prodected.
But let's face it, a unit has way more attacks and will show you that mass is most of the time better then quality.
With mass the die will sooner or later work for you but quality needs to be guided well or your hero ends up killing a bird with a cannon. Smile

Also, most of the special equipment is less effective against units:
+1 strike rank against a unit model? Who cares.
Imunity against weapon abilities? Normal units do not have a lot of weapon abilities...

And then the mortans had to face their worst enemy: direct damage!
What is the best armour worth if the enemy simply ignores it...
(Eaten alive is not OP. But mortan legionairs are their favorite enemies so it may look that way)

There will be another day, another battle and a different result. ^^

Thanks for comment Smile
Yes, I see that against heavy armoured Legionnaires the Eaten Alive rule is really devastating. It's so had to damage them normally, only Tyrant can do this without much work Wink

And about yesterday - I'm not sure if you know such a holiday named in Poland "Tłusty czwartek" - "Fatty thursday"? It's the last Thursday before the Christian Lent, when, traditionally, you can just devour everything, especially donuts and other sweet things.

So I think that my Reavers also felt the holiday's spirit and celebrated it in their favourite way - that's why the Eaten Alive was so successful yesterday Wink

PozdRawiam / Greetings

Hah, I know that holiday - but then again I come from one of the carnival metropoles at the river Rhine.
Here, we call it "Dicker Donnerstag - Fat Thursday". Smile

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

Yesterday we played another quick battle to show the game to a friend Smile
I won't start a new topic for this, I'll just write a few words here. As far as I remeber it looked like this:

My army was led by Reaver Tyrant ThoRmund the DestRoyer (Beast Cleaver, +1 DEF and WitchWeed Extract) plus Ravager ThoRstein and 10 Tribesmen with ThoRbjoRn leader - ideal 200pts.

HanSolo played with Legion led by Centurion with some shield that can make a free hit and some other stuff that he'll propably write about. There were also 7 Legionnaires. The new thing was the undead Wizard, Necromagus, with some nasty spells.

Here's HanSolo in the left and Narrander, who has some Skannfyrd in mind Wink

[Image: IMG_4391.jpg]

We started normally by going closer.

The Necromagus showed his skills and cast some spell with AOE template, hurting 3 of my Tribesmen and killing one, destroying the unit formation. Next he cast some rotting continuous spell on the Tyrant, dealing 2 direct damage, but I managed to get rid of this in the next activation.

[Image: IMG_4393.jpg]

My Ravager (proxied by Princeptor) got closer and shot with his bow at the wizard but didn't hit him.

The Legionnaires made a Testudo.

In the next turn I managed to get closer to the Necromagus with Tyrant and hit him hard with the throwing axe.
I also gave ACT to Tribesmen and Ravager.

Then I wanted to show our friend how Eaten Alive works, so I used 4 ACT for movement and used this tactic on the Legionnaires. Only one of five attacked stood his ground, but unfortunately my damage rolls was poor and no one died, even though I had two D3 dices against 4 soldiers.
I just forced the 4 mortans to lie down.

In the meantime Ravager killed Necromagus with his bow and then shot dead one Legionnaire if I remember correctly.

And in the Mortans activation they've stood up and killed most of my Tribesmen.
[Image: IMG_4394.jpg]

HanSolo using +1 to hit and some Tactic Ancestral Pride really devastated my unit.

After the charge of Centurion there was only 1 Tribesmen left but he died soon too.

It looked like I should loose, having only Ravager and Tyrant, but barbarians never give up the challenge!

My Ravager charged the enemy unit, Challenged the leader and hurt him, but didn't manage to kill him. In the next phase the Legionnaires destroyed my Ravager, so I had only Tyrant.

Still a Tyrant is a true Destroyer - he took the WitchWeed Extract, charged the unit of Mortans and killed almost all of them - only one was left (and he failed the Lead test after loosing over the half of a unit).
I left my Tyrant with 3 ACT and waited for the Centurion to charge!

So he did and the leaders clashed with powerful blows! Both of them hit good and both of them hurt each other, the Tyrant was seriously wounded thanks to the rule that Centurion can sacrifice his ACT to buff the POW.

In the end, there were only the two of them - and Centurion won the initiative. Again they hit each other and, as a true killers, they both felt dead Big Grin

[Image: IMG_4395.jpg]

Ideal result of a GodSlayer show-off!
I had a funny idea that my Tyrant ThoRmund will survive thanks to the Resilient rule, but I didn't manage to roll 5+.

I don't have to write, that the new friend was really excited by the quick and bloody battle Smile

PozdRawiam / Greetings

Well, I wanted to play 300 point battle, but we had only one hour till the store closed. So I modified my army list and came with this:

- Centurion (Executioner's Blade, Serrated Scutum, Vembraces of Vantrium (?), Reagent of Skill)
- Necromagus (Ashes to Ashes, Decay, Enigmatic Wave)
- 7-men Legionnaires unit

As you see, I tried to make a "warlord killer" Centurion. The plan was to drink the potion, charge the enemy, hit, and then spend all the action tokens to add extra power for one mighty blow. If necessary - make one extra hit with Scutum.

And since I knew I would be facing Reavers, I took armor that negates direct damage - no more Eaten Alive for you Tongue

Kędzior remembered all pretty good, so I won't repeat his story Tongue To be honest, I had an incredible luck with my legionnaires - almost every single attack was a hit and some serious damage!

I know we could make more optimized actions. For example, in one of the turns I should have taken the initiative and charge with my legionnaires, attacking both Tyrant and Ravager. But instead I decided to have fun and gave away the initiative, so Kędzior could charge. This way he annihilated my unit, but I could charge him with my Centurion, thus ending the battle in epic warlord fight Big Grin

Quote:The battlefield was covered in bodies. Only two people were still standing - Centurion and Tyrant, both heavily wounded, caught in the dance of death.

Centurion knew that he must land just one, powerful blow. He called upon his ancestors and struck down. The blade, filled with magic, came through the barbarian's chest. But shortly after Centurion felt the excruciating pain, when axe fell on his back.

Two warlords fell down, blood dripping from their wounds. Tyrant looked upon his foe and started to laugh. Centurion, replied him with effort:

- Why do you laugh, savage? Magistratum will... collect... my body. I'll... live... again. You'll... go... into... oblivion.

But Tyrant wasn't listening. His soul already left his body.

Centurion layed down on his stomach and said with last breathe:
- My name... is... Maximus... Decimus... Meridius... And I... will live... again...

After that, there was only darkness.

Thanks for another fine report, seems you're enjoying yourself while playing and that is always a big plus. Smile
The final duel ending in mutual fatality is just pure gold!

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

thx for the report! love to see more were that came from

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And then you have to play better than anyone else."
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Thanks for these reports, I loved reading them Smile

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