Counter-Attack -Ambidextrous
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Counter-Attack -Ambidextrous
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01-30-2016 03:01 AM
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Counter-Attack -Ambidextrous

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Some units have melee-attacks which allow them to make two attacks. (Ex. Halodyne Syntarch) Does this count as a basic attack and so they can use that for a counter-attack?
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01-30-2016 09:34 AM
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RE: Counter-Attack -Ambidextrous

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Rulebook page 71:

A counter attack is performed just like a normal melee attack,
meaning that the controlling player of the counter attacking
model/unit may choose any of the model/unit’s valid melee
attack types
, spends the required action tokens and rolls to hit
and damage as usual.
Counter attacks can only be performed against melee attacks
and may only be performed by using melee attacks in return.

Counter attacking counts as a passive activation of the
model/unit and may be performed at any time during a round
and as often as the action tokens of the model or unit allow.
During counter attacking (as with all passive activations),
models may not move, use tactics, cast spells, shoot with
missile weapons, or make any other form of action other than
performing melee attacks.
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