Four New Releases Announced

Finally, after a long wait and tons of technical issues, I am pleased to announce four new releases!

The first release will be the Mortans Moloch.

The Mortan Xisteri Bombers will also be released at the same time for Mail-order-only customers. These will come without their official packaging for the next two weeks until the boxes arrive, at which point, they will also be available for Trade sales.

So happy day for Mortan players.

Release date - Wednesday this week.

Following that will come the Fimbul Toughborns and Amazon Hunters

As with the Xisteri Bombers, these will also have a 2-week mail-order-only sales period and will come without official boxes during that time.

Release date - Friday this week.

Coming next:

Resin Cerberos
Kydoime vs. Chimera
Scorpio (with re-sculpted crew)
Skulleaters unit
Wyldfolk new starter box
New Ursapine sculpt (cast in resin)
New Trooper boxes for starter-box minis
New Maldire Mongrels
Banebrood new starterbox

Then onto Wave-2.....

Sounds good! I can't wait to see the Moloch in the flesh.

Great news !

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I am looking forward to the Amazon hunters. I need so many units as deploy limit plus 1 more :-) they are awesome

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Oh man, those dwarf rangers are really good looking, I hope I can get my gaming group playing again as we lost interest about 2 years ago, due to the lack of releases.

Awesome, Toughborns and Hunters are set and I think I will buy a Moloch because it so awesome....Smile

NICE! Thank you David for the releases today!!!! whoohoow!! I know a few players who will be VERY happy!

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I will place my order on Friday. Smile


After the tests at the university are over, I have to get some mortan goodness Smile

Finally - Order placed!

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