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01-14-2016 03:13 PM
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Alexander Offline
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Definitely one of the best units in the game, the Guthackers don't only crush about everything in charge, but they also give a super-awesome boost to your magic. I rarely play without five of them.

However, i faced a major problem in my last games: They are just too fat. Err, i mean large. A unit of five rarely gets all soldiers in melee range against a unit with small bases. And after getting crushed by the full 5-bisotaur-stampede one time, most opponents will be aware of that and place their figures appropriate, so this won't happen too easy again.

Of couse, having 5 soldiers in the unit allows you to rampage through your enemies lines even if two already died. On the other hand, playing 3 instead of 5 Guthackers allows you to buy one more Ursapine (for example), who is a second fully playable element of your army instead of 42 points which remain "standby" except for special situations or if their companions fall.

What do you think about that? Of course, everything always depends on your own playstyle, the opponent and the scenario. But anyway!

Cheers & thank you,
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01-15-2016 12:41 PM
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RE: Guthackers!

Roosta Offline

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Exactly what i think!

Awesome Unit, but five of them are just too large. i can't get them all into battle after a charge most of the time, they block each other Wink most time i could not use their special (the circular (?) strike)

Last few games i used only a unit of 3 of them. way better.

i am sad, the einherjer of my opponent are small, he could use all 5 of them much better (and they are strong too).

if i would play more competive i would buy some more guthackers and go for 2 units of 3.
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01-17-2016 08:20 PM
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David Offline

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Yes, good point.

Unlike the Hill Ogres who have range-2, the Guthackers have only range-1, so their circular Slash is not as effective.

I generally prefer horde-style warbands with lots of Mongrels or Reaver Tribesmen, but when using Mongrels I generally go with 4.

As mentioned 5 models is a much more durable unit, but that is another key advantage to larger units. With more models you can often engage a second enemy unit or creature, or perhaps even three targets. That way you prevent them charging you.
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01-24-2016 10:15 AM
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RE: Guthackers!

rosco Offline
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i love them and i can't resist, when I plau the beastspows i play onlu guthackers

my prefered list is with a unit of 3 of them (with upgraded long legs and black plague on) to rush as bullets in front of an elite unit or a dangerous creature (as giant), strike. if they kill enemies spend actions to take distance from counter charges.

the second unit is a 4 effective unit, (normally with gigantic and 1 action more on). They have massive units as target

in ANUBI we trust
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06-21-2016 08:55 PM
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RE: Guthackers!

manic _miner Offline

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They are really nice miniatures.I now have two packs of them Wink.
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