GodSlayer Sketches - mainly BaneBrood

Thanks for all the comments!
I've been sick for last week and had less energy, still I tried to sketch few things:

[Image: 2skanowanie0035m.jpg]

[Image: 2skanowanie0030m.jpg]

And something for Skannfyrd:
[Image: 2skanowanie0034m.jpg]

[Image: 2skanowanie0031m.jpg]

Madcat - I look forward for some minis inspired by my sketches too Wink Especially this guy, he is just SO ideal to be my Reaver army warlord...

Aquen - just draw what you like! If you like some comic books or some art then try to draw heroes from them. Look at the anatomy and proportions and if the sketchin will give you fun then it would be great Smile If you want then maybe buy a book about anatomy and drawing. Or search the net, there should be many interesting stuff about it made by people far better than I am.


A little offtopic - I playe my 2 first battles in GodSlayer with a friend, 200pts Reavers (Tyrant, Ravager, 10 Tribesmen) vs Mortan Legions. 2 wins, Eaten Alive is powerful and Tyrant is a beast. Unfortunately we had to proxy the minis because the original figurines didn't arrive at time, I hope to post some photos and battle report in future.

And second offtopic - this is my newest mini, a limited Warcor from Infinity, that's how I paint Wink
But my Reavers will be far more dark, bloody and chaotic.

And I have to wait with painting them, because the priority now is painting my Haqqislam Infinity army for the Mastership in Poland (in June). I'll try to fight for the best army prize Smile

Sorry for maybe a bit too much stuff about not the theme itself Wink

PozdRawiam / Greetings

Great drawing! How do you learn that? Do you have some tips or a good tip for a drawing book?

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Thanks Jendor Smile
As I wrote in the earlier posts, I just always liked to draw and as a child I spent almost every moment sketching. I was inspiring myself with comic books etc. To be honest I started reading drawing books after my style kind of evolved and I don't have any best book. They're normal things about anatomy and stuff and their in Polish, so I don't think that they'll be helfpul for you Wink

I draw some more stuff for GodSlayer but I'm waiting for some more sketches to scan them all Wink

PozdRawiam / Greetings

Not much is happening now on the forum, so maybe I'll post few new sketches. Not much, 'cause I didn't have enough time (or rather potentiallity?) for drawing.

Still - my vision of Ogre Devourer:
[Image: 3skanowanie0040ogreDevourer_1.jpg]

[Image: 3skanowanie0040ogreDevourerHalodynes_1.jpg]

... a family portrait Wink

[Image: 3skanowanie0041familyPortrait_1.jpg]

...and IMO the best of my sketches inspired by GodSlayer - the FlayeRkin on two-headed Jackel Smile
Dark version:
[Image: 3skanowanie0037FlayerkinRiderDark_1.jpg]

And here are two different graphic versions: Light and Black.

PozdRawiam / Greetings

Fantastic Artworks.

my blog: Odins Men

They looks great. The last one is my favourite, but the draw with the halodynes is also very nice. They make a united attack! :-)

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This is where we hold them! This is where we fight! This is where they die!

nice work. love to see more halodynes

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Awesome - the devourer is my favouite but I also like the flayerkin very much....Smile

Nice job man!

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If I should ever field a band of marauding cannibals again (not counting testplaying), this very thread will surely have a part in that. Wink

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