Thunder from the Mountains

[Image: Godslayer_Models_Nordgaard_Fjellgangr_Mailorder.jpg]

In the mountains of the Northlands live the Gangr giants - the stunted, fifth-generation descendents of the cursed Jotuns.

Despite the Dwindling Curse, they still stand almost three times the height of a man and possess tremendously powerful muscles.

Armed with a simple tree branch, the Fjellgangr becomes a terrifying menace in melee as he thrashes around, potentially hitting all enemies within the model's two-inch melee range with each attack. The Dwarves and Skannfyrd of Nordgaard are glad to count them as allies.

Feel the fury in this evocative sculpt, the latest in Megalith Games' Godslayer range and se it in 360° here.

Great job guys. I really love him. Can´t wait to have him on my paint desk. Thumbs up![/i]

He's incredible ! More pics more pics !

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