Klaxlers Battlereports

So, I allready hab a Topic for Trogs vs. Nordgaard, but since I call two factions my own and am still expanding, a general Batrep-Thread would do better.

So, FINALLY, I had another match of Godslayer and teh first for my Halodynes. Smile
160 Points Halodynes vs. Banebrood

1 Demarchon, Doru, Helm of the Gods, Omegaton Spirit Shield, Minor Healing Potion and last not least the Halo Ward Ring, a MUSTHAVE against Beastspawn!
8 Hoplites...no Syntarch. I wanted to have more points to equip the Demarchon.

1 Gorelord
1 Pestbringer
4 Maldire Mongrels

The story is short...with small warbands like these there is not much tactics. You meet in the middle of the table and see who uses priority the best.

In the first round we steped towards each other, me performing "Phalanx" with Hoplites and the Demarchon in Contact, Him with doing some sickness.... I ignored, becasuse of the talisman. Big Grin

[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1645]

Round two already decided more or less the match. I had priority and had my opponent activate his Gorelord to slightly buff the Mongrels. I then buffed the Hoplites with two aditional Tokens and the tactic "Grace of Achalon".
So I decided to take the charge of the Mongrels. They headed for the Leader and Musician of the unit and took boath in second round of melee. But on the other hand I could take him with counter attacks (6 for the longer range of speers) and the re-rolls of the Achalon tactic, three Mongrels. The Survivor fleed, well, with no tokens left he rather stayed later on in standard activation of the Hoplites which surrounded him and switched from Phalanx to Rank Fighting.
The attacking Pestbringer could not do much harm, on the other hand he nearly fell with only a few points of life left.

[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1647]
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1648]
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1649]

Round three started with a devastating attack of the Gorelord. He used a attack, which allowed him to hit twice. Combined with his profile and teh strength of the weapon, he killed emidiatly two Hoplites. Slay-Movement -> two attacks, another two Hoplites, giving him four new action tokens ...after the good beginning, this was horrible. For later games, I will have to protect standard units from the Gorelord!
But then he headed for the Demarchon and his armor could take the damage. Bringing him down to only one point of life left....lucky me!
Combined counter-attacks and attacks in standard activation could bring the Gorelord finally down. There was only two Hoplites, the Demarchon and the Pestbringer left for round four.

[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1651]
[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1652]

Priority was for me opponent but he was not able to wound the Demarchon. So I could finally heal him with the potion and took the last remaining life-points from the Pestbringer. Victory! Smile

[Image: attachments.php?action=attachment&id=1653]

Another nice game! The Systems makes a lot of fun and with every new tested unit you find other ways to play, tactics and learn from mistakes.
There is no useless units in my opinion, you always find a way in which a unit makes scence or a combination with other units tactics and so on, so you can build your army around your style of playing, not the other way round.

Now off for the next game! On Thursday its 200 Points Halodynes vs. Banebrood. Thanks for your atention and sorry for the bad pics!

Sounds like a lot of fun! Pictures are fine, as the report is Wink

And yes, I agree with your view about the units! That is why we tested them all for such a long time and did so much finetuning.

Only two things to clearify what you might played wrong (just my impresion from the report....):

1. It is not possible to assign more than one ACT to the hoplites. The free ACT from the Demarchons ability "Join Unit" counts as a normaly assigned ACT (even it is for free), so it is not allowed to give them another one.

2. Both attacks from an ambidextrous attack (the double attack of the Gorelord) must target the same model. If the first attack already kills the enemy, the second attack is wasted.

I'm currious to read of your next battle soon!! Crush the foulish creatures of the Brood!!!!

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

thx fore the report. love to read those things

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And then you have to play better than anyone else."
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Thanks a lot!

@Simon: well, then we did wrong. But I actually dont understand what you mean with "join unit". Is it the Archilochos, that makes him benefit from Phalanx if in Base-Contact? But thats an ability, not a tactic, I thoght there was difference. Please help! Gern auch auf deutsch. Big Grin

Ah... sorry... Wink

The ability was called "join unit" in an earlier step of development... I don't have an english rulebook at hand atm, but I think it is called "heroic valor" now... I mean the ability to give an ACT to a unit in 2" for free (without reducing the ACT of the Demarchon). This ACT counts as an assigned ACT, so it is not allowed to assign another one in the normal way to the same unit (only exception is with the spell "Archon Aura").

Hope that makes it clear.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

Äh, ok.
I didnt know that abilities can count as Assigned ACT. Is there a part in the rulebook which describes that detailed?

Sir Thanks-a-lot

Its not so complicated. The rules are clear in this case. Heroic valour says assign one ACT, the general rules say a model/unit can only be assigned one token per round.
With archon aura the rules specifically state you can assign up two, other abilities like Whiplashing say add one ACT. So no conflicts.

Nice report, Looking forward to that 200 points game...

(08-18-2015, 12:39 PM)Simon Wrote:  Crush the foolish creatures of the Brood!!!!
"I have always observed that to succeed in the world one should seem a fool, but be wise."
Luckily they are better fighters then they are smart... ;-)

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Ah, now I got it. The "only" advantage is, that he can give the normal assigend Action Token to a unit for free....damn it. Thank you!

Very nice report, whit pictures!


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