Facing performance problems with the starter under QSR

Having fielded the Wyldfolk starter in a few playtest games I feel they lack a bit compared to the other factions (I cannot compare them to the Banebrood as I've yet to see them on the table). I did win with them, too. So no whining here. They just feel lacking a bit of punch.

All games under the QSR we played came down to a clustered melee somewhere on the table.

Were I to try to pull the opponent apart he would simply focus at one element at a time.

The combined ranged punch of the Pendragon and the Bladeslingers is pillow-fisted even when concentrated on single models. On the same hand the to hit penalty for long range is already included in the QSR.

In melee the Bladeslingers are average with lowish MEL skill. That can be buffed by combining effects from the Bard and the Pendragon, meaning that the Bladeslingers will activate last. These buffs are the same effects available to other factions as well but being applied there on frontline units, whereas the Bladeslingers feel more like a harrassment unit.

Pendragon and Bard are not that great in melee, either, both are more the support-type of individual.

I totally see where the faction will be going under the full rules, and I don't fear them being underdogs then. But under the QSR and only using starter sets they feel inadequate to me.

I played the Halodynes, too, and they felt a lot stronger. Troglodytes, Mortans, and Nordgaard I can only jufge from playing against them, or watching them being played against different opponents, and they all seemed to be more offensive in nature, i.e. combat warlord, combat character, frontline unit.

Am I missing something? What are your experiences with them?

The greatest benefit of the bladeslingers is their versatility. They can weaken the enemy from the distance, have a good DEF (espacially when performing "Hedgehog"; compared to most other defensive formation tactics they benefit from it even when they charge!!), but their greatest advantages are their 2" melee range (they can fight without getting counterattacked). So your tactic should be to avoid melee as long as possible, weaken the enemies with the MIS-attacks and then try to charge them (so maybe apply only one charakters benefit...) so you can fight from 2" away. So you should have dealt enough damage to kill some enemys, so there are only few attacks in their turn (they have to move before they can attack if they are no hoplites) which the slingers should survive with their hedgehog... And with the right items the Pendragon can be quite devastating in melee (the annyr-warlords are the only ones who can have a DEF of 16 all the time so far!!)...

And with the full rules bladeslingers will (as light infantry) have the long charge option, which boosts their charge range. So they can stay away from the enemy and mostly have the initiative when it comes to melee. And you can also boost their shooting with spells and other models tactics Wink

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

Under the full rules I don't see a problem at all.

I completely missed the nuance of melee range 2" vs. 1". That could indeed help.

Most of my games were against Mortans and Nordgaard so to hit buffs easily bring MEL on the unit to 8, i.e. DEF 15 starts to be less of a problem to hit.

Hm... Just to muse some more: The missile attacks won't really hurt the opponent, but still force him to close to you. In the end he will either have to spend ACTs to move into melee not attacking that turn or suffer the charge.

Yes the Bladeslingers' missile attack is pillow-fisted. It is meant as an additional option, not really as their speciality. With a MIS of 6 they can hit, but a POW of zero at long range is not very effective. The Ovate Grove Druid will have access to spells to boost shooting. That together with the Farfarer warlord's abilities makes Bladeslingers also useful in a shooty warband. However, against high armored foes, their missile attacks will have limited results.

Nevertheless they remain a serious threat to lightly armored enemies.

Their great strengths are their Long-charge (which you will see in the core rulebook). this allows them to charge 3X their MOV +2 inches. that means they will almost always get the charge rather than the opponent.

Their 2-inch weapon allows them to fight and entire round with being counter-attacked. When you gang-up 2 Bladeslingers on each enemy you can be pretty sure to take out maybe half a unit with the charge.

Most enemy then need to spend 1 Action Token to move into melee range. that can osten result in them losing one of their attacks for that round.

Always use offensive fighting style to gain the +1 MEL (except of course when you charge because then you get +1 MEL and +1 POW).

And always stay in hedgehog formation.

This way you will get the most out of the Bladeslingers. And if you're lucky, you can take off a few life-points from enemies as they approach using the MIS attack.

The Missile experts of the Wyldfolk are the Beast-Hunter and the Scabhta Hunters.

I have seen a unit of Bladeslingers take down a Cycops in one turn. Its easy to underestimate these guys.


I am an Annyr player too. I found the same problems as Astijan, but this discussion has been quite helpful.

How many models should Bladeslingers run in a unit to make them most effective? I am just working from the standard box at the minute, but intend on getting some blisters.

I am not sure whether to run two smaller units or a unit at maximum size. ANy advice?

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Both have advantages and disadvantages...

If you take two units, you have more cards to activate and thus a tactical advantage against warbands with less cards, since you can let them come closer and then position your units exactly the way you want (long charge! Wink) or shoot at the models that are now in range (essential for shooty warbands). And you are more flexible to react since your opponent can't bind all of your models by just engaging one model and you can bind enemies with one unit (2" melee range is awesome! Smile) and then charge with the other one...

On the other hand, having large units gives you more attacks with one activation (which can be crucial in the climax of the battle) and improve the effects of buffs (since they affect more models, also really important). And you can take some casualties and still have good impact on the game.

It really depends on the role you have for them on the battlefield. If you want them as fighting unit or support your other units and act more like skirmishers.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

Hmmmm that is a good bit to mull over. Once Cromlech Guard get released I intend on using them as a shooty unit.

"Out of Ireland have we come, great hatred, little room, maimed us at the start. I carry from my mother's womb a fanatic heart."

I think it totally depends on the role you assign them. If they are going to form a cheap melee unit, then max them out with 8 models, and support them with a Druid.

I would recommend to take at least a few Cromlech Guard or Wycca Warriors and 1-2 Beasthunters against high-ARM foes if you use Bladeslingers as a core melee unit.

They can also perfom well in small units harrying the enemy with missile attacks and a distraction to threaten creatures, warmachines, characters and light troops. In that case 4-6 minis in a unit is sufficient.

You can for example task a small unit of 4 Bladeslingers with flanking and attacking war-machine crew. With Wildwalker and potenially 15 inches movement pr turn, they can cross the table very quickly, (especially if you set them up with secret deployment. using the ability of the Pendragon.

A large unit of 8 can also form an effective shooting unit, but for this you should use the Farafrer warlord and support them with a Druid (casting spells Fury of Mabhdus, Hurricane Winds and Breath of Stromnath).

Bladeslingers a really versitile and really come into their own when theiy are buffed with spells tactics and action tokens.


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