300 pt list, suggestions welcome
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300 pt list, suggestions welcome
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08-15-2015 01:44 AM
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300 pt list, suggestions welcome

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So, it'll be a Temple sub faction list and I'm doubting a bit between certain spells for the oracle as I see different spells have different benefits. Alas, I can only take one other logos beside logos of the gods (why, David, whyyyyyyy!!! Tongue ). So I'd like to hear the community's thoughts on the subject.

List so far

Oracle 35
- Amulet of mist 5
- Avatar's claw 12 (possibly containing chain lightning for +5pts)

2 x sons of war 2 x 72 = 144

then either

2 x cerberos 2 x 35 = 70


1x Cerberos = 35
1x Animated statue = 32

Total so far: 271/268 pts

The spells I find interesting to take are:

- Claryon call (sons of war with a pow 2 assault and an instant death possibility)
- Dance of death (no counter attacking me, seems powerful in the 2 x cerberos list)
- Curse of fates (used this many times with damaging spells as chain lightning for devastating effects)
- Wrath of the gods
- holy fire
- Phantasm
- Seraphic shield
- Stasis

Another option is to replace the oracle with a godquester.

Godquester 57
- amulet of mist 5
- helm of the gods 8
- bow of the first hunter 10
- Kopis 5

85 pts total

A lot of OR's in this list, I know. I plan on trying as many as possible varieties but I was wondering if someone tried this out yet and has some feedback for it.
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