300 pts list
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300 pts list
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08-09-2015 09:00 PM
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300 pts list

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Hi there,

I am playing troglodytes now and have made up a 300 pts army list:

- Duskbor chieftain
- Thik hide
- Mask of dusk
- Shadekruchers

- Feral hammerfist

- 5 ironhide brutes

- 10 reaver runts

- option A: 3 Grayhorns

- Option B: Fleschpounder

So i'm not undicided about the grayhorns or the fleschpounder. The general idea of the list is that the runts serve as a screen for the duskborn chieftain and the ironhide brutes. And when the moment is right the brutes and the cheiftain chare in. (stopming over the runts if they can lol)
The feral hammerfist is there to cover flanks.

all remarks or ideas on the list are welcome!

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08-10-2015 10:57 PM
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RE: 300 pts list

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Both options are completely okay and working in my eyes, and their pros and cons largely depend on the kind of opponent you will be facing.
However, with this list, I would probably rather go for the Grayhorns. Not just for the numbers, but because they have some more tactical possibilities which - if you don't know against what you're fighting next - is always a big point.

On another note, the shadowtroll in me strongly advises you to at some point try out a Lighteater - or better yet two - to cover the flanks. In my humble opinion there are few models that get that job done like them Lighteaters do!

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