Ambidextrous fighter and charge

I was wondering if ambidextrous fighter gives you a second atack of the same type is it possible that when i charge it gives me 4 atacks?

1 charge atack
2 slay movement atack
3 seccond charge atack
4 second slay movement attack

This discussion came up against some bladesingers where i cutted straight through


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Slay movement (rulebook page 65):

If an attacking individual model (not unit models!) manages
to destroy the enemy model it charged with its charge attack,
it immediately gains D3 inches of free movement and one
free attack of the same type as it used in the charge.

Ambidextrous fighter (from the card):

Each time the attacker performs a hand weapon attack with the ambidextrous fighter weapon ability he may imideately make one additional attack of the same type and as part of the same action as the original hand weapon attack for free.

Translation ("It works that way"):

Ambidextrous fighter gives you a second attack on the SAME target (model) as part of the SAME action. So the chances are bigger to kill this model. But if the model gets killed by the first attack the second attack is lost.

THEN you may get slay movement (if the model is a individual model) and a free attack which is the same like the initial charge attack. So you may move up to D3 inches and then attack a new model. But BOTH attacks must then be directed again against this new model.

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So actually you do not have 4 individual attacks. You have 2x2 attacks...

Okay that makes it clear thanks

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