4th Godslayer tournament in Linz

Some weeks ago I held the 4th Godslayer tournament here in Linz.
Since we could not agree on a date where everybody could participate (and we postponed the tournament several times) we finally agreed on a certain date.

The result was that only four players (including myself) showed up.
Which meant:

Everybody had to fight against everybody!
We also agreed that we will play without time limit this time.
So some strategies had to change...

My battle reports

I decided to go the whole tournament with 2 almost similar army lists, where I exchanged only the Spirit arrow for Wind-whistle arrows for the 2nd and 3rd game
Farfarer with Spirit Arrows(/Wind-whistle arrows), Potion of Speed, Composite bow, Stepperunner Sword
Druid with Golden Sickle, Spells: Swiftness of Aridhia, Fury of Mabhdus
4x Scabtha Hunters
5x Cromlech Guard

1st game

against Troglodytes (Gnoll mass army, Warlords to the last soldier were Gnolls, 30+ models, 8 units)

Mission: Bridges of death

The deployment rules from above are used. Each war band has to be deployed on the side of the player within 8” of his table edge. In between the players deployment zone need to be 32”.
Place 3 bridges within 12 inches of each other along the center line of the table. The bridges are placed lengthwise so that the center line bisects the two-inch side of the bridge templates.
The central bridge is placed exactly in the center of the table.
The center line of the table may not be crossed. The center line is a 2.1” wide impassible lava river with height level 0. Spells and missile attacks may be carried out over the lava river but absolutely no close combat.
Terrain pieces may be placed on the lava rivers but it is assumed the lava river is flowing through the piece of terrain (=cut it in halve).
Special rules
Each Model which is a unit of its own (Characters, Warlords, Creatures, …) which are completely over the bridge on the opponent’s side receives 1 control point.
Each unit that has at least one model completely over the bridge on the opponent’s side receives 1 control point.
Victory condition
The player with more control points wins.
If both players have the same amount of control points the game is a draw.

What should I say?
Halve of the gnoll horde deployed 8" ahead of their normal deployment zone and are normally in round 2 all over the bridges.
My Army of Archers lost the war before it began...
Even when I am able to kill halve the enemy units in round 2 I may not make it up in victory points anymore until the game ends.
(we played it that way that if you eliminate all enemy models the game ends in this round).
Nevertheless I learned a lot from this game (was my first game against these nasty gnolls).
If I would had some errors less I could have won actually.
So I had to big units. Instead of 4 Hunters and 5 Guards I should have played 3 Guards, 3 Guards and 3 Hunters.

How did things go?

After I realized that I had already lost I decided to stick to the following plan:
Kill the packlashers, kill some gnolls and force them to make morale tests.
I deployed my army in the center to reach every all 3 bridges with my archers. A Hill in the center came in handy but my sneaky enemy put some woods close to the bridges on my side so the right bridge I could not see.
The first round went as expected. The Gnoll advanced to all 3 bridges. He was confident that his swarm tactic already made him the winner.
His winner's smile disappeared when used my potion of speed (rolled only a 1) and spiked one of his packlashers with a hail of arrows.
His packlasher was invisible to my farfarer but that's not important if you have some spirit arrows with you which ignore the normal line of sight rules ^^
When his 2nd packlasher hit the dirt because of my Scabtha Hunters (supported by some druid spells) and when the Bard and the cromlech guards advanced to block the central bridge the smile comletly disappeared.
This was the moment where he saw that I did not give up just because everything looked grim for me (For the newbies: Never give up, never surrender! The game is over after the last die roll. Not before!).
Unfortunately I exposed the Druid and was not aware that the Filthling bosses may buy bows. 2 arrows -> almost dead druid. That made it harder to cast spells from now on.
In the second round the gnolls crossed the left and right bridge. In the center the guards almost wiped out the Gnoll horde and since there was no packlasher anymore the ran away.
Nevertheless by using cover the gnolls advanced on both sides and collected 3 victory points.
He started to go in close combat with my units in round 3 but always moved them so I was not able to kill more then 1-3 models per unit. So he did not have to roll for morale.
Every round he collected more victory points and basically just prevented that I get anybody over the bridge.
He won the game "massive to 0".
Still If I would had split my army in more units (2x3 Guards instead of 1x5) I would had have a chance.

2nd game

Against Halodynes (Godquester, 2x Priestess, 1x Owl, 3x Ogre, 2x Cerberus) =a magic list with a lot of chain lightning

Mission: Vortex

The deployment rules from above are used. Each warband has to be deployed on the side of the player within 8” of his table edge. In between the players deployment zone need to be 32”.
Place three 3” diameter templates placed with 12 inches distance to each other on the center line of the table (the middle vortex is exactly in the center of the table).
Special rules
A vortex only moves if a model touches it.
At the beginning of each round after a model touched the vortex during the last round, before determining the starting player, move this vortex 1D6 inches in a random direction. A vortex may never move off a table edge and will stop when it reaches a table edge.
If it touches an impassable terrain object it moves completely to the other side of the impassible terrain.
From the second round onward the following rules apply at the end of a round:
Models, which are touching a vortex loose halve of their life points they have at this moment by direct damage. This rule does not apply to warlords and character models.
Instead, Warlords and character models which touch a vortex receive an anima point.
If more than one warlord or character model touch a vortex all models receive anima points.
Victory condition
The player with more control points wins.
If both players have the same amount of anima points the game is a draw.

This game was a big surprise for me.

I was prepared for a hard battle.
But this game was basically over at the end of round 2.

What happened?

The reason was that my archers were so angry after losing the last game that they basically just wiped out the majority of the enemy army in 2 rounds.
In round 1 the Farfarer rolled a 6 for the potion of speed (=+3 action tokens) and used the Wind-whistle arrows to kill the 1st priestess together with his hailshot tactic a formidable 4x2 attacks against the priestess.
And he actually needed all attacks because of Levitation and Halo warrior of the priestess.
Still my adversary was shocked the Wyldfolk can kill an Enemy on the other side of the table in round 1 ^^
A Cerberus got killed by the Scabtha hunters.
Well. According to statistics the Cerberus should have survived. But I rolled very well in this round.
On the other side the halodynes rolled: well, "less than average". A lot less...
The owl bomb rolled a double 1 and because he was so angry about the bad dice rolls my enemy forgot to use the Halo sub-faction ability sometimes.
In round 2 the archers killed the 2nd Cerberus, the farfarer wounded the godquester and my cromlech guard + Bard + druid block marched forward to bring the guards in position to long-charge the ogres next round.
In the 3rd round the cromlech guards charged the ogres (buffed by the bard, druid spells and tactics) and wiped them out. Some cromlech guards did too but at the end of the round.
Now the Farfarer and the archers were free to choose their targets but my adversary gave up since he had no way to win anymore the game.
Nevertheless I consider the Godquester to be the best warlord in game. But if the dices are not rolling in your favor the mightiest warlord is powerless...

3rd game

against Mortans (Centurion, 2x Princeptors, 5x Legionaires, 1x Necromagus, 3x Carnifexer)

Mission: King of the Hill

Battle level
Each player uses the same battle level for an open battle.
The deployment rules from above are used. Each warband has to be deployed on the side of the player within 8” of his table edge. In between the players deployment zone need to be 32”.
A small hill is positioned in the center of the table (diameter 6-10“).
The center point of the hill is marked with a small dot and a circle with 3” in diameter around this point represents the “control denied” zone.
Special rules
From the second round onward the model exactly on the center point of the table/hill receives a control point if there is no enemy model touching the “control denied” zone.
Models with a sight value of 0 including knocked down or concealed models, as well as stationary, or fleeing models, do not count as having control.
Victory condition
The player with more control points wins.
If both players have the same amount of control points the game is a draw.

The game::

It was a very interesting game.
Archers efficient as always: First the Necromagus died then one of the Princeptors.
In round 2 my army killed the second princeptor (archers) and charged the carnifexer. They also almost got killed (only one badly wounded remained).
On my side some of the Guards got killed. Victory is mine!
At least I thought so but at this point the game was already lost for the Wyldfolk...
Why? Because the Legionnaires moved in round 3 on the mission target in the center and held it for one round and I could not deny the so important victory point!
The second problem was that I almost wiped out the enemy. Because if the army is gone, the game ends.
Since the legionnaires got a victory point that would result in a lost game. Simple.

What to do?
Change of plans!
The Guards moved away from the carnifexer to attack the legionaries and the Centurion. Same did the bard and the Farfarer.
The archers ran down from their hill and created a blocking line between the mission target and the last carnifexer.
Because if all Mortans are in the circle of the mission target they deny the victory point to me.
So my only hope was to kill the legionnaires and the Centurion but keep the carnifexer alive and outside the circle of the mission target so I may collect some victory points.
But there were not enough rounds left to fulfill these targets.
The Scabtha hunters sacrificed them self one after the other to keep the carnifexer away.
The guards, the farfarer and the bard fought bravely against the mortans on the mission target.
But all the odds turned against me: The druid failed several of his spells.
The Centurion used his tactic to deny me the use of tactics.
The bard rolled double 1s at his attacks.
Still I was able to almost kill the Centurion. Almost. At the end of round 5 he had 2 live points left.
And in round 6 he was the beginning player and used his healing potion to restore enough live points to fight on...
In round 6 I was able to kill all the legionnaires so only the Centurion was left.
I attacked with everything what was left: My Farfarer, a Guard and the Bard.
The druid charged the carnifexer to keep him away from the mission target.
So it was all about killing the Centurion.
If I manage to kill him I receive a victory point and the game will be a draw.
We fought forth and back.
The bard died. The Centurion got injured again.
The guard rolled a double 1 and got killed by the Centurion too.
And it came all up to the farfarer.
He missed the first attack but he hit with the second!
I rolled for damage and:
The Centurion survived with 1(!) live point left.
Victory for the Mortans...


Even when I cursed the dice many times on this day: This were some of the best games I ever played!

We discussed the games afterwards while we eat dinner and decided to change the missions a little bit.
E.g. If you wipe out the enemy completely you may continue until round 6 to collect victory points.
And many other little details will be edited.

And soon be tested here again in Linz!

Tournament results:

1st Vamp (Troglodytes / 3 Win / 0 draw / 0 lost)
2nd Sokrana (Mortans / 2 Win / 0 draw / 1 lost)
3rd Spy (Wyldvolk / 1 Win / 0 draw / 2 lost)

Great writeup. Even without pictures I have a good picture how your games went. Thank you for posting! After reading I had an urge to start a game. Its a shame I have so little time for gaming right now...Sad

Thanks for this big and detailed summary, sounds like you had some great fun!!!

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

Thanks for the detailed tournament report, Spy! I quite enjoyed reading it.
Where is the Like button when someone needs it?

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