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Salute & UK Games Expo

We are planning to be at Salute this year (25 April in London).

We could really use some help from players to make demo games on our demo tables.

If anyone is interested, please post here.

Additionally we will be at UK Games Expo in Birmingham 29, 30 and 31 May. We are also happy if anyone wants to assist us there.

We will pay, entrance all reasonable expenses and of course we offer rewards in goodies.

I currently live in London and most likely will have nothing else to do on that day, so I'm happy to help, however I've left all my minis (and all the gaming equipment, for that matter) in Poland.

Unfortunately we can't make it to Salute and had to cancel due to sickness of the key people.

We're a small team and with several people down with the flu we could not get the stock fully packed and the team over from Germany. We tried to enlist additional help but on short notice it wasn't possible.

We're gutted and truly disappointed.

But barring the outbreak of a zombie-plague, we will be at Games Expo in Birmingham in 5 weeks from now (29, 30 and 31 May).

David, thats really sad. I hope everybody is well soon and you could rock the next event!

I`m sorry to hear that, David. I hope that you are recovered by now.

If anyone is interested to help us at Games Expo in Birmingham 29, 30 and 31 May, please let me know.

We could use help doing demo games etc.

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