Multi Channeling and Spellcasting Malus

According to standard rules it is no problem to channel through multiple models that support this if the next channeling model is within Lead of the previous channeling Model.

Now the Halodynes Models that allow channeling through them (Sacred Familiar and Animated Statue at least) give -1 to your spellcasting value if you do so. If I now want to channel a Spell through a Familiar that is within Lead of the Statue which is within Lead of my Priestess. Do I get -2 Spellcasting? So is the modifier cumulative, or not.

I really do have no idea.

Mh, though I'm usually neither a channeler nor a halodyne, from what I know it is cumulative, as you use each model and get the malus each time.

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Sounds good. Thank you for the quick response.

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