Is a pure elites army any good?

I was thinking of getting me a nice, small army of Wyldfolk looking to shoot my opponent most of the time, and I came up with this 300-points-list:

- Farfarer with Beltain Bow, Stepperunner Sword, Hunting Arrows, Potion of Speed
- Stormbow Beasthunter
- 5 Scabhta Hunters
- 4 Cromlech Guard

Now that seems to be very, very few models for a 300-points-warband, and I wonder whether it is worth putting money into this or whether I should think of something else instead.

I play a similar list quite often.

- Farfarer with a Bow (don't remember which one), Stepperunner Sword, Hunting Arrows, Potion of Speed
- Bard
- Druid with Swiftness of Aridhia, Golden Sickle
- 4-5 Scabhta Hunters
- 4-5 Cromlech Guard

Especially the combo Cromlech Guards with Bard (=light infantry) and strike rank +1 from the spell andcCircle of death witha great axe combined with defiant in death +1 Action token from your warlord: may cause tears in the eyes of your opponent...

I also prefere elite warbands over horde style. But it needs more tactical play and clever and well thought actions since every lost model can make the difference between victory and defeat.
And yes, I also played a pretty similar warband (as spy) a couple of games, but more focussed on missile combat (banyan volley arrow, Breath of Stromnath, Hurricane Winds) and lost only against a warband with 4 full units of gnolls (and some really bad rolls on my attacks... Wink )

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

I usually play large warbands because that's what I like, but I can see that this is a mean warband.

Try to play with plenty of difficult terrain, but not forest (swamps, streams, rocky areas, thick mud etc). That will enable you to maneuver better since most of your models have Wildwalker.

I definitely recommend taking the Druid and the Bard, like SPYs list. Leave the Beasthunter for 350 point games.

You absolutely need the Fury of Mabdus spell for your Druid. This spell works for missile attacks as well as melee attacks, giving you 3 dice for damage rolls, discarding the lowest. Your Scabhta Hunters will be much more effective with this spell cast on them. If you get the chance, you can also cast it on the Cromlech guard for their melee attacks.

With an action token from the warlord or Steady Shot tactic, the Scabhta Hunters will be able to shoot twice per turn. With MIS 7 they have excellent chances to hit, then the Fury of Mabhdus spell piles on the damage.

I see Cromlech Guard with Swiftness of Aridhia (+1 strike Rank) making a long-charge (with Victory March song of the Bard), and using Circle of Death tactic with charge bonus..... That's a devastating combo :-)


That synergy with the Bard and the Cromlech Guard was something I noticed later, too. But to cram in the druid, I need to either tone down the Farfarer's equipment or leave out one Scabhta. I guess I'll do the latter, as their effectiveness should still go up that way.

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