Wrath of Gods

Hello to everyone!
Yesterday in a tournament in Italy we had some problems about the correct application of the spell "Wrath of Gods". Can you tell me if I have done some mistakes to use the spell?
My Oracle casted the spell on the only model of an enemy unit in her line of sight (all other models were hidden by an hill) and in range of the spell. After the spell roll was ok, I made a magic attack against all the models (one by one), even if all of them, except the target of my spell, was out of the Oracle 's line of sight and not in range of the spell. I was sure the procedure was correct. But the final decision was it was not possible to make attacks against models not in line of sight of the model and outside the spell range, because the attacks aren't spell attacks but magic attacks. I think, because 1 model of the unit was in sight and in range of the spell, all the unit's models had to be attacked. Which is the correct interpretation of the rules? And why?
Thanks for your answers.

Well, in my eyes you would have been entitled to what the spell says: one magic attack roll against every model of the unit.
You do not make a magic attack against any model, but you cast a spell on a unit (which is in range with the one model in LoS), and that spell allows magic attack rolls (not magic attacks, mind you) against the unit models.

Been a while since I last encountered that spell, but if I recall it correctly, that's how the spell is intended, and it's playing rules as written. Smile

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Raoul is right; only one model of the unit needs to be in LOS and range for the spell to affect the unit.

Once the casting roll succeeds, the spell effect is applied, which means a MAG attack roll on all models in the unit.

This does not mean make a MAG attack against each model in the unit. A MAG attack would include measuring range and checking LOS and rolling to hit.

Therefore we said MAG attack roll.

The reason for this is that the spell is designed as something to effect an entire unit, and we do not want to be measuring LOS and range 10 times just for a single spell.

If a single model of the unit is in LOS and range, and the casting roll succeeds, then the entire unit suffers the attack roll, even if they are hidden, concealed, screened, knocked down, taking a nap or whatever.


Thanks Raoul and David !
You have clarified all my/our doubts.

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