Warband Builder Beta (English and Italian)

I found another two typos and an actual problem:
- The Nordgaard are misspelled as Noordgard (wrong vowel doubled)
- The Nordgaard double-handed sword category has a "Breastslayer" that should be a "Beastslayer" instead.

Problem: If I select a unit, I can't reset that field to nothing, it will always show an "#NV" message in the points column if I use one of the blank options. So if I selected a unit and then didn't actually want that one, I can't go back but have to close without saving and restart from scratch.

So sorry but i'm working a lot und update is still on table.
Bugs are fixed but selecting system is the same as before

in ANUBI we trust

Thanks for the builder. It's a really usefull tool to quickly make and adjust a warband list.

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