Wave 2 will change Mortans?
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Wave 2 will change Mortans?
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01-27-2015 09:44 PM
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Wave 2 will change Mortans?

Blaze Offline

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Hey Mortan fans!
Lets talk some about future in Mortan Gameplay. There is already some news how it will look after wave 2.

David Wrote:Mortans Wave-2 planned releases:

Legions cheap fodder unit of Auxiliaries with options to be played as regular or light infantry.
Undead cavalry character - giving Magistratum some additional support. OR a creature. Undecided at this time.
Technostratum Assassin character
Technostratum mobile war-machine (naptha-thrower)
Variable subfaction unit with basic POW4. These are not elites and will be a very versitile option.
Technostratum Fire-archers
Undead unit with higher POW.
Legions warlords - still under discussion which of several options we will go with.

With these options, every subfaction can be played exclusively with a decent warband.

Legions comes pout best with two units available to them, which fill their major deficiencies - no cheap troops and no decent POW troops. Now they can be fielded as a rapid response force and with a decent backup unit for high POW enemies. But of course these units will lack the great armor, solid discipline and good MEL of the Legionnaires. So they will be excellent strategic additions for the sub-faction but Legionnaires remain the backbone. Additionally, the Auxiliaries unit when played as scouts will not match the scoutiness of the Wyldfolk, so they remain a strategical addition to the subfaction. Oh, and they will have slings.

Magistratum comes out with 2 units (including the one with variable subfaction). plus either a melee character or a creature. This subfaction now has not a lot of options but is definitely playable as a well-rounded warband.

Technostratum comes out with 2 units (including the one with variable subfaction). Plus a front-line war-machine and a cool character. This subfaction will have more synergies with the new items.

Im big fan of Mortan "living" models and warmachines. Wave 1 give us the most defensive style what is not so typical for Rome Empire. I hope new models give us more aggressive style and some unpredictable moves/tactics.

In this wave, I cant wait for Xistersi bombers as a Elite "freaks" who support Legionnaires technocrat and some warmachines.

I hope Technostratum and Legion faction will be buffed in wave 2.
I cant wait for Naptha Thrower art and stats. How it looks ? xD No idea if it will be next average warmachine or somethings cool with some less weeknesses.

Fire archers are realy what im waiting for. I think it will be miss 6 with fire effect. Also Light infantry with act 5.

What do you expect guys from wave 2? I hope some of you also enjoy Technostratum/Legion subfactions even if our Mortans will get best looking creature Moloch =(
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01-28-2015 01:32 AM
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RE: Wave 2 will change Mortans?

Huscarl Offline
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Thanks for sharing, Blaze.

So, the auxiliaries seem to be a fast (for mortans) mass unit (4/8 or 6/10?) with low range slings. They could be quite nice,
I could imagine that the Technostratum assassin character could be focused on ranged assassinations, maybe a bomb throwing, shady guy with concealment? However, I generally like the concept of assassins sneaking on the fringes of a battlefield, trying to eliminate their targets. So I can`t wait for this guy.
Concerning the Naphta-thrower: in conjunction with these machines, I could actually see me giving the Technocrat a compass as technical device, but let`s see.
Fire Archers could be really nice, some shooty troops with higher range weapons than their Xisteri brethren and maybe continous effect fire on a hit ... Let`s turn the battlefield in an alchemical hell Smile

The Undead unit with a higher POW could be the gargants. If this is the case, they will maybe have some additional bodyguard rules? I guess the higher POW will be 5 or 6.

I`m really curious about the variable sub-faction unit and how exactly they will work. To be honest I can`t really imagine how their design and fluff will be like to working for all sub-factions (or will they only work for Legions and Technostratum?)

All in all, it seems that Wave 2 will create more variety in playstyle, which I really appreciate Smile
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01-28-2015 06:41 PM
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RE: Wave 2 will change Mortans?

Septimus Iulius Severus Offline

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Indeed the Assassin in the Technostratum was a surprise because I pictured a close-quarters fighter with a lot of evasive potential for surgical strikes. It will be interesting to see how he'll fit in something other than the Ordo Assassinatum, if anything I was expecting him to be in the Magistratum. However I'm very fond of this type of character too Smile.

I also like the possibility of other creatures, maybe even an ethereal one like a bound daemon/djinn.

@Blaze, I wouldn't consider Xistery as elites, they do not pack such a powerful punch. They require a lot of placement ability to be used effectively because they are easily charged/engaged because of their short range.

All in all, from the glimpse we got it seems that wave II will bring more depth to the game.

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