Opinions about Scabhta Hunters

Hi everyone,
I played several times with the Scabhta Hunters and I have noticed that many times they are easily damaged or killed by missle attacks even if they have Camouflages.
To improve them, I was thinking about give to them a tactic (maybe 2 ACT) to have Concealment or increase their DEF up to 14.
Furthermore the ability Taxidermist it's useless against undead creatures like the Moloch and this is very annoying.

What's your opinion?

Well, somehow I love them... and I think they're quite able to do severe damage on the enemy, especially if backed by a Farfarer and a Druid.

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Yes, you're right, they are really strong in missle attacks but in my opinion they miss of something.
I like them to.

I'm sorry but that game my Catapult was on fire, it needed a pretty high roll of 9 but a fire projectile in the middle of the unit was devastating when it hit because of their low armor Wink.
They are weak against AoE attack because if it misses it can still deviate and cause damage. But think about how many of such attacks are there. Just the catapult, because Xisteri have minuscule range, as the Pestbringer's rotting corpse. But they are very good at shooting. Missile 7 is that of some warlords.

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