Carnium - City of Blood Part 4
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Carnium - City of Blood Part 4
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01-11-2015 01:01 AM
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Carnium - City of Blood Part 4

David Offline

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Military Structures and Walls

Here you can see a close up of the military buildings. The city wall will have this gatehouse and I will add a wall section on either side, plus a tower which marks where the wall merges into the cliff.

Close-up of the bricks. Basic spray and two layers of dry-brushing
[Image: DSC_0921.jpg]

Use paint and brushes etc from DIY / building store, its 10X cheaper!
[Image: DSC_0902.jpg]

Assemble all the tools paints and materials you will need before you start! Its frustrating having to stop and then spend 2 hours buying something urgent or waiting 2 days for it to arrive.

Here are useful tools you will need.
[Image: DSC_0903.jpg]

A great dust mask is important when casting, and this hot foam cutter makes cutting polyfoam and polystyrene much easier
[Image: DSC_0904.jpg]


That’s the status so far. Future articles will show the progress and cover techniques in more detail.
Coming soon I will be painting and assembling the subura buildings as well as the commercial forum.

Once I have most of these buildings in place, I can then start sculpting the base of the city, plus the rocks and hills etc. It’s no point doing that now because I need to know to within half a cm where each building will be.

After that, there’s tons of detailing that needs to be done, adding plants, evil statues and decorations to make it Mortan instead of Roman. Then it needs stains, weathering, dirt, and graffiti etc.

[Image: DSC_0917.jpg]
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01-11-2015 02:08 AM
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RE: Carnium - City of Blood Part 4

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Awesome! Really, someone has to shot my mouth. Its not the daytime to read your detailed articles but I will soon catch this up. The marble! Great....
For Graffiti I suggest: "Romanes eunt domus" Big Grin
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01-26-2015 01:37 AM
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RE: Carnium - City of Blood Part 4

David Offline

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Moving on with the project, I have focused on getting the arena complete.

The basis for this is the Amphitheater produced by Grandmanner. I felt is was a little too low and unimpressive to be an arena in Carnium, so I increased the height of the model by adding two more rowns of bricks.

[Image: IMG_8666.jpg]

To do this I based the model on polyfoam boards and cut bricks into the polyfoam using a "hot knife" tool.

Then I based the entire model on Foamboard in two sections. This is because according to the layout of the city boards, one half will be on one board and the other half will be on another board. so for ease of carrying and placement I divided the structire in half.

The gaps started filling with DAS clay. This is useful stuff because it remains flexible in the packet and drys at room temperature in a couple of hours.

[Image: IMG_8786.jpg]

For the next step I built a structure in the fourth quarter of the arena. I wanted here some kind of entrance so that troops etc could move in any out of the arena in case of a parade.

[Image: IMG_8788.jpg]

For this I cut a section of polyfoam and stuck it onto the foamboard. This I then faced on one side with bricks from Hirst Arts molds. I also bricked up the sides of the arena and added steps so that public can enter the area. Next I just a doorway and then fixed up some plaster solution which I spread on top.

Then I added a quarter-circle colonnade made from Hirst Arts pillars.
this is topped with a polyfoam lintel which I very carefully cut.

[Image: IMG_8795.jpg]

TIP - the best way to do this is to cut wider than you need with a rough cut then make small cuts to get it very close to the right size/shape, then finally use sandpaper to sand it into the exact correct shape.

Next I need to coat the polyfoam in a thin layer of plaster and paint it. I will also add half-pillars around the outside for the part which will be visible (part of it will be buried inside a hill.
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