Carnium - City of Blood Part 2
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Carnium - City of Blood Part 2
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01-11-2015 12:59 AM
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Carnium - City of Blood Part 2

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Imperial Buildings

Grandmanner Products
Dave at Grandmanner has an extensive selection of Roman buildings and accessories for historical gaming. Many of these are suitable for Mortan buildings. I used the Greek temple and palace, which actually look more roman than Greek. Grandmanner buildings are designed for 28-32mm and work well with Godslayer minis.
Grandmanner buildings are very high quality with excellent detailing.

[Image: DSC_0914.jpg]

Monolith Designs products
Steve at Monolith also has a great range of Roman, Greek and ancient buildings and these are quite a bit cheaper then Grandmanner. the arches are Monolith and they are perfect scale. However some of their buildings are a little small since the range is designed for 25mm minis. Nevertheless, this can easily be solved by placing a foundation layer of bricks under the buildings to give them some additional height.

For the imperial marble color, we used an airbrush for the painting. We sprayed first a mix of blue, red and black as a dark base, spraying over a sheet of fibers. The mesh sheet of fibers created an awesome marble-vein effect. After the base coat we sprayed then red patches and blue patches. In some places we used a white pencil to highlight the marble veins. Over this I painted a shiny plain varnish to give it a polished look.

Examples of the marble painting:
[Image: DSC_0918.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0919.jpg]

Roof trim was done in light gray and the roofs were painted with Rustoleum terrcotta spray.

Terrcotta roofs
[Image: DSC_0915.jpg]

This has only the base coat so far and needs further detailing. I sprayed this with Gray primer from Humbrol. Over this I dry brushed a medium gray then a light gray. Instead of using expensive wargaming paints, I used little sample pots of paint from the local hardware store. Its 10X cheaper and gives the same result!
You can get dozens of different colors in mat water-based paint for house interiors.

The basic amphitheater is from Grandmanner,and consists of 3 sections. To this I will add a round wall to fully enclose the amphitheater because I plan for this to be a small gladiator arena. The open fourth section will also have a large gate and have stairs on either side leading up to the seats and a quarter-circle colonnade.

This I am making with Hirst arts blocks:

Basic plan of the Amphitheater
[Image: DSC_0912.jpg]
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