Amazon subfaction and shooting

I read some where that the Amazon subfaction is based on Amazons AND Scythians.

Since the Scythians were mainly know for their archery skills with the scythian bow (and used as mercenaries in that capacity), is it safe to assume that the Halodynes will get other shooting options in this subfaction in the future? Archers on foot of some kind - perhaps?


Well, do javelin-armed peltasts count for a start? Smile

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

I suppose Smile Thank you for the answer

But no pointy hats, right? They had those and they look goofy!

So a limited amount of shooting and Scythean bows from horceback only (first composite bow in history om man iirc).

Am I to understand that all members of the Amazon subfaction are females. So you took the "fierce all warrior women" from the ancient stories and mixed it with the real life ancient Scythean - armament, nomadic lifestyle, and warrior ethos (also fierce)?

If i got that right then ... gimme me more Amazones!! Smile

How about slingers? Some long range/low damage stuff perhaps?


Yes Amazons are based on Sythians but only loosely.

Their armor is somewhat Greek but as we imagine a nomadic culture living on the fringe of the ancient Greek world would look. So their armor is a little more feminine and uses less metal, more scales.

In our background they favor bright silks when they can get them.

The first release of Halodyne Wave-2 will be Amazon Peltasts. they are scantily clad young amazon women armed with pelta shield and javelins. Future Halodyne units will include Hill Ogre Slingers; and a bow-armed Temple Warrior unit perhaps in Wave-3. Right now the Amazons represent the shooty forces of the Halodynes.

Yes, all amazons are female, but it was not always so. In the background it is covered how the tribe once consisted of mean and women and was cursed by the Asrae.

"The Amazons remained in good graces at the beginning
of the Age of Ancients, and were even accounted part of
the Blessed Halodyne people by the gods, but this favor the
Amazons proceeded to squander with their rapacity, wanton
violence and greed. Those miserable mortal peoples whom the
Amazons liberated from Banebrood, Demon and Troglodyte
oppression they then extorted with exorbitant “freedomtithes”.

The Asrae grew angry at this ignoble behavior and weary
of the unabated despoiling of temples. Dire warnings were
issued, but the Amazons were drunk on the sweet wines of
arrogance and victory. Only a mere decade after receiving
the final ultimatum from the Asrae, the Amazons rashly
invaded the Asherah Basin - the sacred birthplace of these
deities- and plundered its cities. The Wrath of the gods was
swift, and consensus among the Othanon Pantheon demanded
the tribes be exterminated, but the goddess Venata refused
to assent, threatening to go into exile should any Amazon
woman be harmed, for she saw in them the reflection of her
own spirit. Aesys, king of the gods, believed he had found a
cunning solution to extinguish the nuisance and yet leave the
Amazon women unharmed; upon the tribes he laid a curse -
the inability to produce male children.

The Asrae assumed the Amazons would consequently
fade into obscurity, but they underestimated the women of
this people who are said to be descended from Venata and
her half-mortal lover. To Aesys’ chagrin, the ploy failed,
for after the passing of their fathers the hardy Amazon girls
took up arms and fought all comers. With the absence of
males, they proceeded to breed with men of foreign tribes,
and the offspring they bore were exclusively female, thus
perpetuating a matriarchal culture, and after several decades
of hardship, the Amazon women defiantly restored the power
of their tribes. Their struggle did however teach them a lesson
in humility. Decades later, they went so far as to join the 44-
year march with Jendor’s blessed armies in order to atone for
the sins of their forebears, thereby regaining much favor in

[Image: k7uMQlbUs_RE8zJO0Xalq6SmArTw2oonyh4f5HBi...13-h549-no]

[Image: DSC03713.JPG]

[Image: DSC03714.JPG]

[Image: DSC03719.JPG]

[Image: DSC03720.JPG]

[Image: DSC03726.JPG]

Those models are made from solidified awsomesauce. They are great - even bold. I love how you take something cool from history and just run wild with it.

Amazons on hornet zebras-cattle IS running wild, no offence intended Smile

Thanks for the answer

I am so looking forward to painting and playing those awesome models, and now I'm also somewhat hyped for seeing their wave-2 units.

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