Store list/shipment query
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Store list/shipment query
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01-06-2015 10:15 PM
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Store list/shipment query

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Dear all,

I had two questions in my mind that I wish to ask you:

1) Is there a list of shops that sells Godslayer AND sends minies internationally? I mean like a universal list, with names of countries and links (ideally) to webstores?

2) For the official Godslayer Mail-Order store - is there a chance that at some point in the future the threshold for the "free postage outside the EU" option will be lowered? With the crisis hitting us Russians hard (I mean those of us that are not sitting on an oil/gas pipe =), these 25 Euros (that Russian currency dropping and our salaries remaining the same are now something like 45 Euros Ruble-wise) may be a factor that for some of us decides in favor of other systems...

Best regards,
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01-06-2015 11:17 PM
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RE: Store list/shipment query

David Offline

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1. we have a list on our website, but this is not totally complete because we do not know all the stores selling Godslayer. It's a lot more than on the lists.

2. How about combining orders from several people?
Email me when you are ready to place your next order and we can discuss the shipping.
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