Klaxlers Troglodytes vs. Beleans Nordgaard (350 Points)

Dat iz becauze in ze German lengvitch der is no "may run avay"... Ze German lengvitch is ruthless end uncompromising, it alvayz assumes dat ze enemy vill run avay!

But in all seriousness, there is another issue with the Oakbows, already covered in the rules forums. The English version for the Packlasher says that he can give Advance Deployment to small-based units, in the German version its "Sight Value 1" unit models. So sometimes the English version is right, sometimes it's the German edition that states the rules correctly (or "as intended").

So which versions count? Is the Oakbows a must-flee or may chose to flee? Maybe a mod reads this and can answer, otherwise I would post it again in the rules section in the next days.

The whole Oakbow-thing will be taken into the Errata.
I personally remember from the last stages of playtesting, that it was a "may flee", but that should be clarified soon.

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