Timing of Mob Mentality
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Timing of Mob Mentality
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12-29-2014 04:59 PM
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Timing of Mob Mentality

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I have a question about the timing of Mob Mentality on page 205 of the rulebook.

If the Reaver Runts use this tactic and then spend Action Points on an attack, do the Reaver Runts that attack after the first Runt benefit from the +1 bonus during this set of attacks?

Or do the Reaver Runts have to spend more Action Points on a new attack to receive this +1 bonus because the first set of attacks happened simultaneously?
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12-29-2014 06:43 PM
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RE: Timing of Mob Mentality

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First: The tactic has to be active already.

You attack (or strike back) with your runts.

If a model is attacked every model attacking the same enemy model get this bonus.
Even if it is an attack using the same action token spent (an attack which happens simultaneously).

This rule represents that these models are trained to fight together and for that reoson the 2nd and further models attacking the same enemy model gain a bonus.

If you spend more action tokens to initiate another close combat even the first attacker will get a bonus against models which got attacked before...


Numbers= runts, letters are enemies
12 against A
34 against B
56 against C
1,3,5 get no bonus, 2,4,6 get a +1 bonus
If the runts spend more Action Tokens to attack again, all runts (1-6) get the bonus.
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