My mortans 300 p

Hello Mortans players. My first post so I want to greetings everyone Smile
I just have finaly my models and Im thinking about compective list for Mortans.

Models what I already have.

1 Centurion
2 Princeptors.
8 Legionaires
1 Scorpio
1 Catapult

So I made somthings like that

Centurion 71 points
*Reinforced Segmentum 9 points
*Meteoric Spathe 9 points
*Reagent of Strengh 5 points
*Scutum 3p (Imo shields Mortans have terrible.) History says somethings diffrent.
7 Legionaires 90 points
2 Princeptors 64 points
1 Scorpio 32 points
1 Catapult 42 points

299 points overall.

Any thought about this?

Merry Christmas Smile

Hello, and welcome!

I would consider exchanging one of the Princeptors for a Necromagus, since some of the support spells can be very effective. Also, he would allow you to equip so long-distance magical attacks, to handle Shadow Trolls.

Welcome Blaze!

In addition to Meph's suggestion I'd ask you how you'd like to handle your warmachine/infantry ratio. If you want to mostly play defensively (which in case of some scenarios might not always work), you can shoot at your enemies with your warmachines and at the same time protect them with the legionnaires and characters. But if you want to act more offensively, fielding only a single unit might lead to problems protecting your warmachines from flanking enemies.

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

Well good question. I just played 1 game before Xmas time. I want to buy Carnifexers and probably Moloch (Is it realesed already ?) but I realy dont know what is compective to play. My first argument that I choosed Mortans is my love to Roman Empire and Antique. I wanted to make my army a bit realistic so I looked to Legion sub Faction and some warmachines.

I think i dont know if I want to play defensive, I want to win as much as I can Big Grin but in first stages with Godslayer it is not possible to do so. I need to learn how to play correctly and then how to win most the time. If you can help me with it making some strategies for my models and maybe list what to buy in next purchases would be awesome.

What do you think about Scorpio and Catapult. Scorpio power 6 seems oustanding for Warlords and uncomfortable characters. It seems to counter also secret deployment. Catapult is a bit diffrent. debuff -2 armor for late game when every model engage can be powerfull same as spitfire bomb. Erly stages I would use cluster bomb power 3 aoe5 to reduce enemy life.

Warmachines combine well with Legionnairies and Carnifexers, since the former are a long-range nuisance, whereas the other need their enemies to approach to within striking distance. 2 Warmachines + 2 Units would seem like a good idea.

The key to winning in Godslayer is a good eye for synergies and order of activations. Scenarios necessitate a direct confrontation, therefore playing exlusively with artillery will not be too effective. The Technocrat might change that, but some heavy-hitting infantry will still be required to provide a solid counter-punch.

Necromagi support infantry, not Warmachines. The Undead sub-faction used to be though of as overpowered, but after 2-3 games one learns how to approach this matter. The most common, and kind of obvious way, to play the Undead is a lot of minimum Legio Mortum units, amped by Magi, supported by artillery and Carnifexers. The Legio Mortum go to the front, the Magi spam their underlings via summoning, while the Carnifexers take out any larger threats. Basically, one needs a quick and sweeping attack to remove the Legio Mortum (the Imperial Post Office, because they are responsible for dispatching all offensive spells to the enemy). This can all change when the Moloch comes onto the field.

The best way to test is to play, play, play Smile Advice is one thing, but if you can come up with your own army lists, play them, then give yourself constructive feedback and present it to the public, then you can learn more and your e-interlocutors, too Smile


Well after some pesymistic opinions about warmachines I played some games with scenario and it works very well. Scorpio beat medium and large base while Catapult break units and make them worse. When you use Acid bomb to decrase armor that not hurt that much even if u miss or hit allies. Cluster bomb works well for spell casters and easy to kill units. Fire bomb is good for tanky units. Amen


Yes, war machines may work.
Against slow moving armies they are a real nightmare (my dwarfs hate them).
On the other hand Banebrood normally smiles if he sees war machines...
The same is true for my Wyldvolk. I like to decimate the operators of warmachines with Archery.
If you use some sight blocking terrain the value of ranged attack is also strongly limited.

Could you tell me against which army you played (oponents army list)? Just currious.
We would also be very happy if you would post a short battle report. Smile

I played versus high power dwarfs (Runegate keeper, bloodvard,fjellgangr,einherjer,fjel warriors). I didnt dominated them much but I played for scenario (Usupper). I focused to kill everything squishy atm to get more boys on hills. Catapult wasnt best for his list because when I hit them I did for 1-2 dmg, I had some bad rolls. Scorpio did better preformance. The biggest threat in his list was this incredible power on weapons. He said 3 power is the lowest but some guys kill with power 7-8 lolz. Thanks for testudo. Othewise Legionaires would be just crap unit.

Second game I played vs high offensive magic halodynes (Animated Statue,3 hill ogres, 2 Sanctum Priestess, Oracle, Syntarch, Sacred Familiar) This game my Legionairess were like fresh meat for lighting chain but everything other worked pretty well. My Catapult first turn killed Sacred Familliar so bomb didnt explode in right time ^^. My opponent moved everything except 2 sanctum priestess and oracle to the hill and spam me by lighting chain. My warlord decided to solo charge hill ogress and kill two of them then he died. My princeptors stayed back and scored hills twice in first 3 rounds. Round 4 then decided if I won scenario. His Animated Statue was atacked by my Scorpio and it makes great job even with his halving dmg.Then last 3 Legionaires charged Stautue and bite it also.I realized that if I kill Animated Statue i will have more sight value and I will win so princeptor charged him and on the last attack he did it! After that Meph decided to run his Sanctum Priestess to try draw this round because only 2 princeptors were on the hills. I decided to rush last hill ogre and when I killed him slay movement and I killed Sanctum Priestess. This heroic charge brings me win. My machines stayed back about 20-25 inches and did great offensive support in right time.

Well, I didnt play with Wyldfolk and Banebrood yet but In this game right decisions is more than models. So if you know what I mean, every player is diffrent. Maybe you wouldnt have any problems with my machines but its dependent on situation on the table. To be sure they are just support in my army same as Sanctum Priestess (without infantry they are just weak). If you think well you will stop charging or shoothing models before they will kill warmachines.

Sorry for my english. Its not that good.

Congratulation again.

Sounds like you did a good job.
As you said it is not only about right choice of models.
Much more important is "a plan" and concentrate on the mission.
But that you found out already by yourself... Wink

LOL. I like your statement about chain ligthning and legionaires. I guess they are especially vulnerable against this spell because of their metal armour... Wink

About your English:
I met Brits who spoke worse English.
We understand and that is good enougth!


Thanks spy. I will post more my games in my dedicated thread in right section on this forum. We have next meeting 2 January. Smile I hope I will play with some Wyldfolk and maybe Troglodytes/Banebrood which i didnt fight yet.

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