Spellcasting vs Attack dice

When I'm casting attack spell (e.g. Chain Lightning or Holy Fire) are my spellcasting dice count as attack dice? For example, can I reroll 1's with Aureal Collar at spellcasting roll?

It was a little confusing in my last game...

I think you can reroll it only if it's specified as a spellcasting roll I don't have the rulebook in hand and I don't remember the effect of aureal collar but spellcasting roll and attack roll are two different things.

No, you can not.

You may use this artefact only if you carry out a melee, missile or magic attack.
But not for spells.

magic attack roll
A magic attack is conducted similar to melee and missile
attacks, but instead of using the MEL or MIS statistic of the
attacker, the MAG statistic is used instead.

Example for a Magic attack:
Mental grasp of the Longshadows.
They have weapon line like for a Missile attack but the type is MAG instead of MIS.

Thanks a lot Smile

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