pfibp's Godslayer battle reports

Since a few weeks I fanally have an option to play Godslayer quite regualarly. Thus I also started to write a few battel reports in my blog @Wordpress.
Thought you migth be interested in them. Smile

If you see a mistake in the rules (nobody's perfect) or in the text (non-native English speaker) feel free to let me know.
Other feedback is welcome as well. Smile

1) Two Noobs vs Godslayer: Introdution game after long for me and a colleague.

2) "Open Battle" - 300pts - Mortans vs Nordgaard
Result: Draw - 126 : 97

Nice game reports.

The dwarves are pretty slow so fast units can outpace them easily.Looks like i need to invest in another Bloodvarg Wink.

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