Banebrood suggestions/feedback
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Banebrood suggestions/feedback
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11-09-2014 09:41 AM
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Banebrood suggestions/feedback

Alchemist Offline
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Dear All,

At last I got the time to thoroughly analyze each model from the larger Banebrood starter that I received a couple of weeks ago, together with additional Mongrels to get the unit to top 8 heads. So far I have only several remarks/suggestions:

It would be great to be able to buy a whole 8-man(beast?) Mongrel squad in a single box. A core box+2 blisters gives me 8 models in which 6 share 2 sculpts (and these two are the least expressive of the 4 existing). Since its metal, conversions are slightly more troublesome than with plastic, and while with my 12 years of hobby it's quite easy to GS some additional stuff or do some sawing/kit bashing, A noobster may have problems. An 8-box with an additional Type 3 trooper could have made more diversity. I also know that there are plans for more mongrel sculpts, so a possibility to get a bigger box with maximum diversity would be great!

The detail on minies look great, and I appreciate they are more real-scale (as far as mutated beasts can go of course), with no over-accented parts. I can even call all these models "soft" as regards that everything on them looks organic and "in place". However, while most minies are easy as regards assembly, the Gorelord has 5 pieces of chain mail that are rather difficult to place in correct spots, and a simple 1-page assembly leaflet could be of assistance. It can be placed here on forums too =)

While I loved it that minies were placed in foam (and there was no breakage after handling by our beloved Russian Post), the sheer weight of the Ursapine (oh boy this bear's huge! I mean I can kill a person by throwing this thing at him/her)) resultedd in major bending on the Fallow Shaman's staff and icon(?).

Apart from that - great job! There are mold lines and flash of course, but nothing of what I have not dealt yet with before! It's so nice to see so much love put into a project. Once I get my custom bases I will start painting these beauties =)

If you are Okay with this, I would also like to post some feedback on the Russian sub forum (if you authorize it's creation of course) with an unboxing/assembly/purchase guidelines feedback!

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11-11-2014 02:09 PM
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RE: Banebrood suggestions/feedback

David Offline

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Hi Alchemist,

Thanks for the feedback.

We are right now sculpting 2 additional Mongrel troopers to boost the variety of the basic unit.

Individual models are also available to buy on our mailorder site in case you want a specific single model.

The Gorelord's chains are also being resculpted right now. The rest of the model will not change - just the chains. This will result in 3 or possibly just 2 pieces for the chains. They will also be thicker, so less breakable.

You are very welcome to post your Reviews and advice on any forums.
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