New Scorpio Crew?

I found this on the Italian Megalith FB page:
[Image: gtrodpjt.jpg]

So will there be a new crew for the Scorpio? If thet is the case, when we can expect them to be released?
I would buy another Scorpio to get the new guys Wink

I think they are from an other company, cos they ain't metal, man.

Seem to be masters for the miniatures and masters are never made of metal. And if they are from an other company, Megalith should consider to press charges against them Wink

Master models they could be indeed Smile

But this could mean a worrying move on behalf of Megalith Games - they are delaying the rest of Wave 1 in order to remake the previous releases. I don't things to be rushed but I would prefer Wave 1 to be finished before any redesigning is implemented.

Though this is not an official statement, I'd like to make some things clear:

These are indeed Megalith Games masters.
The alternative sculpts for some of the released minis will not delay the other, completely new releases, as they are funded from other sources and sculpted by other sculptors.
Work on the remaining releases for wave 1 is continuing as ever, though there are some delays caused by unforeseen problems. As far as I see, chances are high that there might be a quite substantial release wave when these problems are solved.

Again, this is more or less hearsay and does not replace any official statement.

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I'm gonna Think that wave 1 and the New resculpt will be Hand to Hand...I Hope they will push up the wave...They are too slow...

[Image: banner.png]

I saw the Bisotaur Shaman, Balescorch Cyclops, Librarum Technocrat and Godquester on display at Spiel. They all looked really good. Here's hoping they'll all be released sooner rather than later. I agree with the release schedule being too slow. I'm using a lot of miniatures from other companies to fill in the gaps in my warbands. I'd prefer to use the proper miniatures but if they're not available, I've no other choice but to proxy.

And there is nothing wrong with proxies.
Megalith is not GW... Wink

The Bisotaur Shaman looks really awesome.
(And the other new Minis too)

There's a few minis from the very first ones we made that will get resculpted. The Scorpio crew are the first of those. They will be available for purchase individually on the mailorder site so people will not need to buy a completely new full Scorpio just to get the new crew.

These few face-lift minis will be released AFTER the completion of wave-1. We want to have wave-1 perfect before we start with Wave-2 in April.

ALL minis for Wave-1 are now sculpted!

A few sculpts are at the caster for molding, and the rest are mostly with our painter Giovanni for painting.

The next 4 warlords Releases are photographed and we are awiting the packaging, then they will be released (Grondah filthlings, Bisotaur Shaman, Godquester, Libarum Technocrat).


what about the scarjarl?

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