General Rules

We do have a few requirements in order to make using the forums a fun and enjoyable experience for all. This is basically just common sense and good manners; two things which are expected in general social contact and which are equally applicable to these forums.

• Be mature and respect other members and their opinions even if those opinions are contrary to yours.

• Be understanding; remember that not all players have the same experience level, and if you are a player with years of experience, you may find a question or suggestion of a new player to be questionable, dull, or even ridiculous. That does not give anyone the right to be condescending. Please remember that all players were beginners at one time.

• If you want to make your point to someone who disagrees with you, then state your argument with logic, use examples and be clear.

• Be big enough to accept that you are not always right all the time, and try to learn from others.

• This forum is not a kindergarten for people to post anonymous attacks on others; personal attacks will not be tolerated.

• Be a human being; no attacks on the race, gender, nationality, religion or otherwise, and no homophobia.

• Members should use proper English. Don’t be lazy; punctuation was invented for a good reason – to make written communication clearer and understandable for the people you are trying to reach. If it is worth writing, then it is worth writing properly.

• The forum language is English unless a particular room or thread states otherwise.

• Please do not use pictures or other graphics in your signatures and no animated ones either please.

• Please stay on the topic. For personal chatting you should rather use email.

• Do not give out personal information on the forums such as your address, phone number, etc or personal details about yourself; and of course, never give any bank account information.

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