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Moving, Sight Value, Objects
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05-28-2014, 12:53 PM
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Moving, Sight Value, Objects

NotAnotherBloodyGnollHorde Offline

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Hi everybody,

my opponent and I came across something during play yesterday. I tried to move my character over an object on our table, and after consulting the rules, I had to move him around it, because the rules state:

"Models may also never cross objects with an equal or higher
sight value than their own. Models may cross objects with
a lower sight-value than their own, but may not end their
movement on an object."

The character had a small base (sight value=1), and the values of objects should always be rounded up, so they can't have a value lower than 1.

In effect, this would mean that small-based miniatures can never move over anything, at all. I had a strong feeling this was wrong, but we settled for asking on the forum. Any help, please?
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05-28-2014, 01:30 PM
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RE: Moving, Sight Value, Objects

spy Offline
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Actually you played it the right way (according to the rules).

BUT: This is your game.
YOU define what impact terrain will have on models.

The rules do not cover all kind of terrain in Detail.
Simple solution: Pre-define Terrain and their effects before the game. Smile

You may for example define an area of small stones (1/2" high or less) as rough terrain (sight value 0 but movement halved).
Or you may define a wheat field as sight value 1 for LOS but as open ground or rough Terrain for movement.
3 Trees may become a Wood area, a river bed may have sight value of 0 or even -1 and count as rough terrain with a chance that the model gets drowned where the chances are based on what type of infantry it is...
and so on.

I ran in the same problem during pre-testing for our local tournaments.
So the terrain was defined the following way:

2x impassible terrain, height level 0 (lakes)
2x open terrain, height level 1, movement not restricted (small hills)
2x rough Terrain, height level 5 (woods)
2x rough terrain, height level 0 (field of stones)

Becaue all terrain was pre-defined before the game we had no problem at all with it during the last 2 tournaments.

I hope this information will help you to improve your gaming experience! Smile
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05-28-2014, 01:50 PM
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RE: Moving, Sight Value, Objects

NotAnotherBloodyGnollHorde Offline

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Hi spy!

That was quick and extensive, thank you so much.
It didn't really detract from the gaming experience. In fact, my late arrival probably saved my character from a mauling. It just really took some speed and "zip" out of the game to have to move around some broken temple column bases.
Your suggestions are really helpful, I'll try to introduce them for my next game. Again, thank you very much!
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05-28-2014, 02:52 PM
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RE: Moving, Sight Value, Objects

Raoul Offline
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I very much agree with Spy here.

Counting smaller things as difficult terrain is a good way to go, as objects are more or less obstacles in the rules. However, I will talk to the Overlords of Calydorn if they see reason for a clarification on terrain types.

As far as I know, the wave 2 book should feature some cool new scenario rules including some ideas about how to have more fun with terrain.
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05-31-2014, 01:04 AM
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RE: Moving, Sight Value, Objects

David Offline

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Generally we agree areas of Terrain with broken columns etc. to be "difficult Terrain". As a General rule anything less than 1 Inch would qualify. That's how we play our house games.

Generally obstacles would be classed as such when they are free standing and not inside some difficult terrain, or if they are more than an Inch high.

Players should agree what is difficult Terrain and what are obstacles before the game.

But perhaps this could use a clarification.
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