Pestbringer - worth it.

But still he can't protect his entire warband. And if you aim for models outside of his 4" reach you will have some serious impact as well. And if he runs around curing the infected, keep smiling (and him busy Wink) since while playing nurse he can't do other things... Take plagues that give you an instant advantage (direct damage, knock down etc.).

And if you face the same guys often, try to play without plagues several times. After the third game of wasting his points with the ring (cause you have no continous effects), he might want to take another item that don't depends on your warband-composition...

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Demarchon in Phalanx can easly protect whole warband.

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I think the pestbringer is totally worth it in every demo game I ran where the opponent used banebrood the spreading of the plagues ability I think he is one of the best support characters in the game.

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I think we play another game, but ok Smile
I wish he was playable with current meta.

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Only if you don't give your Gorelord Bubonic Flea's. If you do, he fulfils the same role in spreading disease to Bandbrood 'carrier' units. In that case, I think extra Mongrels over the Pestbringer might be a better option.

(reason why I started thread - tend to give Gorelord Bubonic Flea's)

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