Lord of Forest and Fen

[Image: Godslayer_Models_WyldfolkOfAnnyr_Pendrag...lorder.jpg]

The Pendragon is the first of the Wyldfolk warlords, one which typifies the Wyldfolk's preference for speed and skill over armor and brute force.

In addition to his considerable combat skills, the Pendragon has access to bows and possesses four abilities/tactics designed to boost Wyldfolk of Annyr Warbands.

Ready for action, this sculpt conveys the pride and resolute independence of the Wyldfolk people.

Have a look at the 360° image here.

That's awesome! Is it a one piece model? Or are the arms/head separate?

Wyldfolk are looking brilliant

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actually it has several parts... two horns, one bow, two arms, one body Smile you have to invest a bit of work to assemble him, but I hope it´s worth it!

The Pendragon looks great. Better than the bard, he needs a longer sword Wink.
I think you have very dynamic models but Pendragon looks a little bit static in my opinion. Also the horns on the helmet are too big for me. But beside these two things he is great! A very detailed character especially the bow and the shoulder armor. Keep up the good work. Only five days to go for preoder my halodynes Wink

I like this guy really much... Still the horns seem to be a bit awkward, more like mandibles of some sort... but hell, they're seperate parts, so no problem creating some more staglike horns for him and have an excellent and individual warleader for my clan.. Big Grin

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