opinion about the godquester warlord

i think this guy is the best warlord in the game. He does everything and does it well.

first off you can chose your subfaction, which is awsome. i like temple myself.

he gets 2 spell free of charge and can use 1 of them without spending act on it. I love grace of the gods and virtuous punishment. flaming circle can also be good againt grouped up units. also battle caster to make is even better Smile.

serendipity is amezing the one roll you realy need to make and you can re-roll it, also good with survival instinct which is just better the version of resilient (4+ instead of 5+).

also this model ignores difficult terein, which is great with his bow and spells. and his base defence of 15 (highest in the game shared with some wyldfolk warlords) and rest of his stats are all round not the best melee missle and magic buth all 3 are high which makes him so diverse.

his tactics do not buff your units like other warlords can buth eagle eye makes his shooting better when needed, buth the gorgan's gaze is just so good just to shut down a unit buth you have to use it on a unit that still has to activate.

for items i dont go all out on this guy since he is already 57 points.

i think all bows are fine and i think you should always have adleast the composite bow. i will not take hailbow if i already got the flaming circle spell (i do not need 2 AoE's on 1 model).

i dont realy like suits of armour for this model.

for talismans i might try the power crystal of you have the extra points it is not a must have, amulet of mist is an overkill with the defense 15 and ignore dificult terein so you can have in in cover alot (def 17).
angelic gem is to expensive and i get mine as temple subfaction already.
the other 2 are fine items buth i dont need them that much ill only use them if i got points left.

i didn't test the potions that much buth take one if you got points left.

for sword pair i think ill keep it cheap myself (you might want to spend more if you city state sub faction and less on a bow). i think whirlwind falchions are a overkill. scimitars i would use only on city subfaction (melee of 9 instead of 8) and more defense in combat (16 which is great).

well that where my thoughts about this warlord i still have to make a list where he fits in buth ill do that another time Smile.

Except that this guy is a she, I agree with everything you say :-). She is the most versatile warlord in the game so far.

If you look at the background of the Godquester, this is an individual who is on the path to becoming a deity (or more likely a dust-covered corpse or raving lunatic). But such individuals have tremendous power. This version of the Godquester in the Halodynes first wave represents on near the beginning of the path of godhood.

We didnt want to make her unbalanced by giving her crazy high stats, so we came up with the realistic solution that such individuals are seasoned adventurers and have picked up a lot of diverse skills, tricks and equipment along the way.

Since my personal preference for warbands is cheap warlords and lots of basic troops, I would play her with the cheap equipment.

But the fact that she has 3 different stat-cards makes it very difficult to chose which one to use because all three are great. In the end I go with the subfaction which fits best to the troops. So most likely city-States Godquester with lots of Hoplites.

Simon has another view, I believe he prefers to tool her up to maximum potential and then unleash several strong combos.

In the end, she tends to be the Primadonna soloist of the orchestra, not the conductor.

It is possible we may create Godquesters for other factions one day, since such individuals come from all theistic cultures of Calydorn (including the Halodynes, Wyldfolk and Nordgaard, even Banebrood). Such a path is discouraged in Mortan society - perhaps because the Lichelord Emperors do not prefer competition and potential instability.


I don't know if Godquester is the best Warlord in game, but I'm pretty sure that is the most difficult to play cause a lot of possibilities of spending actions during the game in different way.

Balancing is really important, more choices more possibilities to fsll into errors.

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I think it is the best warlord for temple because of the fact that it can hold it's own in combat so one does not have to be super careful with the warlord and you do not have to worry about getting stuck in with your warlord.

"I do not know what drugs the writers of the fluff were on while they were reading Robert E Howard books but they should share"-me when telling friends about the fluff of godslayer

Versatile is the word for her, even if she lacks on the part of buffing units. Serendipity and survival instinct combined are really a bother, something similar to the Oracle with the daggers that allows her to heal D6 each time she takes damage and her ability to reduce damage received to 1 on a 4+ roll. Sometimes they really refuse to die Smile.
The problem for me is that, just as David pointed out, I find myself using her as a one (wo)man army, which isn't the best way to play Halodynes, since one of their strong characteristics is the great synergies they're capable of.

Indeed I'd really like to have Godquesters for other factions. Thuatan obviously can't have one but we might see a warlord that has achieved a greater communion with the dead goddess even if he still lives. Mortans might have a notorious member of the Necrolegium that in life distinguished himself to the point of receiving the honor of becoming a liche given by the Emperors. Just to give some ideas Smile.

Omnibus superstes Imperium est.

I am thinking because monsters are easily surrounded and brought down maybe her true role with the temple is to walk the doggy into combat an keep in alive.

"I do not know what drugs the writers of the fluff were on while they were reading Robert E Howard books but they should share"-me when telling friends about the fluff of godslayer

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