War machine fumble
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War machine fumble
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04-30-2014 11:13 PM
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War machine fumble

Rolka Offline

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Hey, I was wondering if "snake eyes" thrown during the missle attack by mortans scorpion, means that I can not perform no more attack in this activation.

It's clear for me that this means fumble, but in rules says that this effect applies only to one model, and in scorpion formation we have 3 models. Warmachine, and two crew members. It seems to me that crew use warmachine as a weapon, and more rules say that warmachine can be used even by a single crew member.

So... the question is: If this single crew member gets fumble on his roll, whether other one can perform the next shoot?

PS. Sorry for my "English" Wink
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05-01-2014 10:05 PM
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RE: War machine fumble

David Offline

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Good question.

For a Missile attack by a war-machine, you are using the Missile attack Option of the machine itself. The war-machine itself is used as the origin model and used for calculating LOS and range etc. The attack Comes from the war-machine, even though you use the MIS of the Crew.

Therefore a fumble on a MIS attack would be a fumble for the machine, not for the Crew. However, since a warmachine counts as a unit, only the machine itself is affected; the Crew members would still be able to make MEL attacks or use any personal Missile weapons.
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