Ideas about dealing with Magistratum based army...
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Ideas about dealing with Magistratum based army...
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02-13-2014 02:14 PM
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RE: Ideas about dealing with Magistratum based army...

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For Banbrood you could try:
Gorelord with Urghast Charm (immunity to Magic) and a unit of 3-4 Guthackers plus a Fallow Shaman.

Guthackers have MAG5 so they are pretty resistant to Magic.
MAG5 plus basic complexity of 9 = complexity 14 which means the Necromagus needs 8+. they also have plenty of life Points to absorb damage from the Ashes to Ashes spell.

Give them Long Legs with your Shaman, and they will have 16 inches of Movement per round. So in round two they will already be charging the Legio Mortum.

Just like the Hill Ogres example above, the Guthackers have Circular Slash, and even better, they have a MEL of 8 with Charge Bonus and POW 8. Against Legio Mortum DEF11, the Guthackers Need 3+ to hit. So with 4 Guthackers you will be making on average 15 attacks at POW8 followed by lots more attacks at POW5.

they also ignore the Legio Mortum's Deadflesh ability, and cause Fear themselves so are immune to Fear.

Even the Gorelord himself could manage this. Cast on him Long Legs and he has a basic movement of 20 inches per round, and a charge range of 14 inches.

Two Combos to consider
Exoskeleton + Hornplate Armor + Witchweed Extract = ARM10
Bugstalk Eyes + Gutplate of Negirath + Witchweed Extract = DEF17

Legio Mortum will need 3-4 rounds to take this guy down with one of those Combos.
While all he Needs to do is Punch a 40mm hole in the Legio Mortum line, then disengage from them and engage the nearest Mortan spellcasters. By disemgaging he micht suffer a couple of free-strikes but with the Combos mentioned above, they will be irrelevant.

No Mortan spellcasters can outrun a Gorelord with Long Legs, but I would love to watch them try :-)
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