Wyldfolk squishy ?
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Wyldfolk squishy ?
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12-25-2013 11:59 PM
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Wyldfolk squishy ?

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Hello, after having played a game with the Wyldfolk against Mortans, i've got the feel that we heavily lack in the attrition department. Is there some way to beef our trrops up ?

Additionally i've got trouble with my synergies, especially with the bladesingers, they tend to need all the buffs they can get from a bard and pendragon but at the same time the tactics only last till the end of round, so Bladesingers will be activating last during a turn, meaning my Opponent can get into Position and start preparing for the Alpha strike that even aint that strong in the end :/

The only way it seems to win in the end is to abuse our Warlord as some kind of skirmish machine but in the end i've got the feeling that Wyldfolk has a lot of trouble during scenario play.

How do you guys feel about it ?

P.S: i only own the starter yet
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