Question on charging?
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Question on charging?
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10-24-2013 11:06 AM
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Question on charging?

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So, our gaming group has been playing Godslayer and having a great time so far.

However, we recently got into a debate in regards to the charging concept of Godslayer and would like some clarification.

Version A) A model/unit has to charge towards an enemy & can move up to his full charge range & has to stay engaged.

Impression of this is you can NOT sling past a model. Basically so if you charge at an angle eventually you cross a threshold that you would start moving away from the model is when you stop even if you have more movement, due to the & clause.

Version B) A model/unit charges towards and enemy but can move his full charge range so long as he stays engaged.

Basically the meaning of this is that you can charge past the model ala Warmachine style charging, so in effect it lets you get more models into contact with the model getting charged.

Due to the nature of Godslayer I feel version A is the proper method, that basically means you can't charge past the initial 180 degree arc of the base. However, a clarification would be great since playing it as B would let 2-3 more models get into the fight on a single model.

If diagrams are needed i can draw some up quickly.
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